This is a personal blog more than anything.  I might cover some specific subjects every now and then, but it will often go back to being a place where my floating thoughts can get some shape.  It is a blog about the reality of my life composed of situations, my thoughts on them, the mood in the background and a bunch of mosquitos.

As of Nov 13 2008 I’m 22 years old.  My last occupation was as a Medical Intern getting ready to become a GP.

I have chronic major depressive disorder and I’m currently out of work getting treatment for it.

This blog is old! I’m a university student and I’m 29 as of Feb 2016. I also do some tutoring and translating.

You’re welcome to join me if you(STILL!) wish. Grab a cup of tea, while I hold a glass of freezing coke.

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2016 update

100 facts about the blogger (2007!)

My real name is Esther Vahomrigh

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Lol. You remind me of Elliot out of the TV show Scrubs for some reason, probably because I watch too much TV though. Anyway, I also lose reality a lot and hate talking on the phone, and I think your blog rocks!

  2. Thank you NeveRed. 😉

    Haha Elliot? Because of the insane doctor thing? Yeah well I love Elliot so I’ll take that as a compliment.

    Yeah I don’t know what’s with me and the phone. I know people who can spend entire hours happily talking and then can’t hang up. But I get incredibly impatient, even if I’m talking to someone I really want to talk to! I have a mobile because I need to, I need to be contacted, in case there’s important information, like “the exam is not at 4 anymore, it’s at 2!”; and because I need to have the list of numbers available at any time in case I need to call someone for equally important information.

    When I’m on the phone, my ears start to hurt, my hands get tired (like after 2 minutes), I start overthinking “um… a pause, what is that mean?… he hates me! he hates me!… ohh wait he was just looking for a pen…”. And I get sort of impatient that I’m doing nothing more but sitting, talking out loud to no face, and holding a phone on my ear. My extra hand starts looking for something else to do and finds it, and then I can’t do both things at the same time, and the whole situation makes me get in a bad mood and then people start thinking I don’t like them. That’s how bad it can get when I’m on the phone.

  3. Elliot ha ha
    Which one is he again lol?

    You don’t like talking on the phone…. tut tut…
    you’re going to one day… to ME hehe

  4. Haha yes she indeed does have a boyz name.


    Haha the phone… I don’t know. See, the actual talk I like, but the same talk in person is 10000 times better. It’s the phone itself that drives me crazy. It’s uncomfortable! Still I’ve loved when you guys have called, you, scotty, lachy…. because basically I have no way to talk to you in real life!

  5. Dig, I tried to respond to other posts but the comments were closed. I have been in your spot mentally and I know what it takes to get out of it. I know you have heard it before and it is corny, whatever. One piece of advice is that you need to talk to people, integrate yourself into society. I suffered for many years in my home prison walls, it only made me withdraw more.

    There is a South American woman who is a recent U.S. citizen that I met recently on WordPress. Maybe she could be a new friend. Here is her blog:


  6. You are missing something in “The details” darling…

    You didn’t mention that you are in love with an Anonymous Coward

  7. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by on my blogspage. I do not write much these days, but try to answer to the comments that still comes through.

    I have added you to my blogroll, I would like to return to read your articles.
    A fellow INTP – we share the intuitive thinking attribute. So am sure to find some interesting articles here.

    Best wishes.

  8. Thank you for stopping by you too.

    I noticed the link you provided now is different than the site I commented on yesterday.

    I’m going to check it out. 😛

  9. thats an interesting about me ! 😀
    i am visiting your blog for the first time and what made me visit it was your name in sulz blogroll crazysakua 😀
    hope to visit your blog soon 🙂

  10. You’re a good person, Nessa. Sorry I haven’t been reading lately, it looks as if you’ve been slowing down on the posts anyway. I hope life treats you well, and when it does, you’ll be in a state where you’ll be able to appreciate it.

    It’s strange, I still remember always feeling better when you commented. So much has changed now. But I bet we could still delve deep into our depressive souls and find some palabras we could both relate to. Its comforting, but… I don’t know, I found I reached a stage where I let blogging control me rather than vice versa.

    I have tried again and again to create similar scenarios for my new self, but its just not the same. I miss the naivety, the simpleness of complexity. The saying what I truly feel knowing somebody so far away can appreciate it.

    Anyway, sorry for the insomniac rant. I have school in a few hours so I better go.

    Take Care!

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