My Blogroll

like having my links on the side for two reasons.

  1. Easy for me to click
  2. Easy for you to click

But, I don’t want to have them just lying there, so I made this page where I can write a little something about them. I made a post a while ago, presenting my blogroll, but later I realised these things can change, new blogs can be found, old blogs can be abandoned, what about new opinions of old blogs! I would have to make a post everytime it needs an update. 😀

And that’s why WordPress created PAGES.

So I am presenting my blogroll again, up to date, alphabetical order.

I also made it in alternate alignments instead of different pages. This way works best for the ADD people. You’re looking at one paragraph… and start to get bored… when *BUM!* there’s the other tittle getting the little attention you have left… and then you go on reading and think about moving on when *BAM!* there’s another. And that’s how you get to the Z… or the X. Why the X? Find the X. The X is on the end of the post. Oh yes it is you math freaks…

The Blogs I read

Alabaster Crippens

Very interestingly written day to day stories about the life of a young man looking for… something. The rambling and the pointless long thoughts about things that only seem to make sense to ourselves, but are definitely fun to read.

I ran into this blog by chance (like it always happens) and got caught. I’m always blog shy, so instead of directly commenting, I stole one of his quizzes and posted it on my own blog, thus getting his attention, and have him commenting first, which in turn made me be less blog shy and I started commenting back ever since.

Amanda Palmer

a.k.a “the Dresden Dolls Diary”. But it’s more like Amanda Palmer’s diary because I’ve never seen Brian posting there. As my last post says, The Dresden Dolls are my current band obsession. But that’s not the reason this link is in my blogroll (it is the reason why I found the blog of course). Had I ran across it by chance, I probably would have liked it aswell. It’s personal, weird, witty and entertaining. She’s a person who has a life that is very different to mine, and is a decade older than me, but still makes me relate to what she writes and also tends to ramble nonsense, which I love. It’s really not the typical So-today-we-went-on-tour-and-thanks-to-all-the-fans-we-don’t-really-care-about band blog.




Sulz! One of my favorite ones of the list, as you might tell by the numerous references within this blog. Malaysian, semi-anonymous, witty, and really entertaining to read. She will blog about every possible topic is there to blog about, she will be personal, honest and friendly. I ran into her blog by chance, directed by some post in the WordPress forums, which is really weird because I never go to the WP forums. I just remember seeing this yellowish blog full of flowers and lots of funny personal anecdotes. One of the cool things about this blog is that she has maximized interaction with her readers, and she will reply to every single of your comments – inside the same comment so rss feed might not work well here, she will send you cards on holidays, and will organize blog projects for you to take part in. A really good friend if you earn her trust.

Momentary Solutions

I used to go around, and one day I fell into the gallery of this awesome photographer. I “watched her” –which is DA slang for adding someone to your “blogroll”. When you “watch” someone, you not only get updates of their art, but also their journals, scraps, news and so on (the full stalking package) so I started reading her DA blog too. Eventually she made a blog in a separate site, and I kept on reading it. I loved her pictures as much as her blog. She has very strong opinions, and even on the bad days she’s great inspiration. Although I’m a doc, and I know what ME is, she gives it another point of view on this illness that most doctors will miss. I don’t think I could cope like she does, I would put my head in a hole, and that’d be all. It’s good inspiration and a fun read. It also makes me think that not all married people are the same mindless drones I had in mind! Not at all!


Anonymous blogger, and probably the youngest of the group, this guy is unfortunate enough to be cursed with OVERTHINKING POWERS from such a young age. What a world… He has kinda abandoned his blog, and then came back, and then leave again and now he’s back. Overthinking I tell you… not a good thing to suffer from. I’m still looking forward to read what he writes…sometimes it’s prose, an interesting thought or two, maybe some poetry, maybe a fun video or song he wants you to see.

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Seaneen, another girl my age from far away London. More interesting and pretty she gives herself credit for, and dealing with the demons of severe bipolar disorder. This is not the usual blog where someone with an illness will tell tragic stories about herself. Somehow, even the worst things come up as an interesting read… which is a weird feeling, because it’s her life, and sometimes things go really wrong, and she’s a real person, not a character in a book or something you can just say “interesting…” to. She manages to be really open and honest and personal. She manages to write her happenings in a way that is awesome. This is another of my favorite blogs of all times.


I found this blogger on one rainy day when I saw a very clever, insightful, long comment in my blog that I think nobody else I know is capable of producing. I went into the blog and althought it was was just starting, I stayed, sensing an interesting potential. I don’t know what’s more interesting to read, the blog itself, or the comments left on my blog.

Satoruvash is an anonymous blogger. We don’t know where they’re from, or what they do, or even what gender. I have decided to start using female references for Satoru, althought this has never been confirmed. I just found it easier for me, and easier for my brain that is always looking for a complete picture. Just to be clear, we don’t know the gender, I started refering to S as a male at first, and now I seem to have settled in refering to them as a female and (she)’s fine with that.

Her blog is mainly about atheism, sci-fi, gender equality and androgyny. If you like debating (note: DEBATING, not arguing, not fighting, not bullying, not flaming, and besides all: not running in circles with your hands on your ears) and are into any of these topics, you will probably have a great time in there.

Letters From Exile (LA)

It started as both of us being victims of blog scrapping off by the same criminal. Some site that as I see is now gone, that was all about depression and just posted entries from my blog and many other bloggers. LA very kindly emailed me to let me know about this, but I didn’t give it as much importance as reading her blog, which was much more interesting.

This is a blog about depression. This one particulary attracted me, because it has very good material about how depression affects herself and other people in a very concise, easy to read, and fun way.


See, I was silly enough to think this was my discovery, but after a while I realized that half of the world knows about this webcomic…

I was probably the last one finding out!

So I don’t have to say much about this one.

IT’s just awesomeness. Never fails to surprise me or to make me laugh.


16 thoughts on “My Blogroll

  1. love your description of me and my blog. *hugs* and i keep meaning to tell you this but i don’t know why i keep forgetting. anyway, i really like your purple header (and you know i don’t really like purple, haha!). did you do it yourself?

  2. *hugs back* Well, your blog rocks.

    I did make the header, I google imaged “purple” and made a collage with the best results! 😛 HAHA, I do love purple, but you saying you like it gives it a nice perspective… cause I could just like it because I like purple, after all. 😛

  3. “It also makes me think that not all married people are the same mindless drones I had in mind! Not at all!”

    Aww, I love you! My husband and I are about as far from normal married people as it’s possible to be. Most of our friends couldn’t understand that we have no intention of investing in property in the forseeable future, and that we most definitely aren’t going to have kids.

  4. Whilst your past blog entry about your blogroll was helpful, the post gets easily lost among numerous others, rendering any updates unnoticeable. Designating a specific page makes the blogroll not only more accessible, but also more personal.

    I only request that you remind your readers in the blurb that my blog is anonymous.

    We had a conversation on this blog a while back where I said I did not mind you referring to me as a female. It is an understanding we share between us. This said, I do not want people reading the description and automatically assuming that because you refer to me as a woman, that it is necessarily fact. I take great value in my anonymity and make a point of emphasizing it on my blog. If others are to take anything about me as fact, then I would rather it be something I have explicitly disclosed. The only personal information I have revealed on my blog and/or here, is that I have a younger sister and that I am 27 years of age. Left to my own devices, I would not have even revealed my age, for it is just another entry in my long list of irrelevant personal information. I only conceded for you, because you said it was of especial importance to you.

    In many ways, my blog is the most anonymous of all in your blogroll. As we have come to know one another better, you have no doubt realized just how obsessive I am about my privacy.

    I do not mind if your readers refer to me as a woman, man, robot (my favourite), Vulcan, or a little green alien. I only ask that they be aware that whatever they choose is going to be their perception, and in no way evidentiary. If they are wrong, I will not correct them, and if they are right, I will not commend them.

  5. Tanya
    The example of you and your husband always makes me think that I could end up married, without freaking out about it. I want something like that, someday.

    Absolutely, I started to refer to you as female for a while now, so much that I forgot it was my decision to do so. I am includying something in there explaining this to readers. Thank you for reminding me. I am fixing it now!

  6. Oooooh, I like the way you’ve organised this page. It’s given me wonderful ideas. 🙂 Thank you Nessy. 🙂

    After typing this comment, I’ve also remembered, I need to install the Australian dictionary FF plugin…

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