Trying to take pictures of the night with point and shoot cameras sucks.

And that is, the full moon, supposedly.   I could have done it better drunk while using photoshop.


I have been trying to blog a little bit, using a new blog that is not really private and the first post is about coke so it’s rather obvious for anyone who knows anything about me.   I just don’t feel so safe here anymore.   It’s not really that I want to hide anything from anyone, I still don’t mind that.  It’s just that the exposure this blog already has makes me feel like I am talking with a microphone, and it makes me feel inhibited and shy to say anything at all.  These days I think more about the reactions of people than about what I really want to say.  The result, a rubbish post with some sort of factual update about my life and no real insight.

I love the circle of blogs I still read and comment on occassionally.   I believe I’m more self conscious about people from my “real life” that have access to this blog regardless or how much they care of if they ever read it.  It’s my own fault anyway, I posted the link in my facebook.

So I guess this is it, in here.  For now.

If you want to read more from me, you can discover me from my comments… or, drop me a quick email and I’ll reply with the new URL.

crazyasuka at gmail


One thought on “Trying to take pictures of the night with point and shoot cameras sucks.

  1. Hey, I think we all feel quite alot like that most of the time – I know I do. So I don’t have a great deal of advice re. over-concern with other’s reactions.
    I found your blog a few months ago and enjoyed the first stirrings but wasn’t sure if you would reemerge. I’m glad you did. Do you mean to say you have another ‘new’ blog or am I just misinterpreting the above?. In which case, does that mean you’ll still be ‘here’?
    I shall keep an entirely non-stalkerish eye out for you!

    Ah – now I see it at the bottom – you have a new URL. OK, email in the offing..

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