Am I finally exhaling atheism?

This morning I was sitting quietly on a chair at the reception of a tour agency waiting for my turn to get interviewed (long story).   There was another candidate in the chair in front of me.   Later a couple of women professing The Jehovah Witnesses came in with pamphlets.  I thought “oh no… here I go”, but then they limited to give a pamphlet to the other candidate and then said something about Jesus and left.  They didn’t even look at me.


3 thoughts on “Am I finally exhaling atheism?

  1. Not as badly as I am, I’d imagine. It’s so obvious that I’m sceptical of gods and supernatural elements that when my friend started telling me about palmistry, he automatically started justifying his calms and backed down a bit.

    Personally I’d be eager to interact with the JW’s as I’ve got a load of religious paradoxes to unload onto them. My favourite being that we should be traitor to our soul, as our soul isn’t us.

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