Common adjectives about yourself that make you sick

Okay, I’m sure this happens to most people to some degree.   After all, you’ve been with yourself for years.  Uggh, boring.  But it’s enough time to perceive certain patterns.

Have you discovered certain “labels” that people who don’t know you very well tend to use to refer to you? They are usually very polite, common and nice.  I mean the ones they say in front of you.  I know a lot is said behind your back that is not polite, maybe is somewhat common and definitely is not nice.

And by “you” I mean “me”.

But no, I’m talking about the out-in-the-open labels.

Maybe you have taken part of one of those silly group excercises where the participants are asked to say “what do you like/think about X person?”  

X being you of course.  Gosh I hate those excercises.

Maybe you been in a family meeting where they refer to you for some reason? Christmas stories? Anything? 

Well in my case it’s always been about the academic success. 

“Well, Nessa is 15 and already in university!!!”.

“I think Nessa is very good at school stuff.  You’d wish she were more social though.”.

“She’s very cute, quiet and smart.  Aww sweet stuff.  You want to pinch her cheeks.”

Even when crazyness arised, after uncomfortable silences they say again:  “well, she’s in med school… very smart.  uh… yeah”

“So very good in school, quiet and fragile… awww”

Not to mention that I can’t get angry because the response is still “Awww!!!” and that usually makes me more angry and then the cuteness gets to irresistible levels.  But that’s another story.  And lately I don’t look so much like an 8 year old, so it’s getting better.

Note that these things annoy me only because they have been with me my entire life.  You might think is not a big deal.  It’s not really.

Now think about your own labels and tell me if they don’t bother YOU. 😉

No, seriously, tell me about them.


6 thoughts on “Common adjectives about yourself that make you sick

  1. my labels:

    1. i’m a good writer/speak good english.
    2. i’m a bookworm.

    i don’t mind the bookworm one ‘cos i am. i don’t think my english is that good, though. i wouldn’t mind attending more english classes to improve it. i don’t think i write well too. not well enough to be paid. so the first label makes me anxious because i feel a bit of a fraud.

  2. 1. I’m a techy (good thing, but it gets mis-used by others. 😦 )
    2. I’m a pirate (good thing 🙂 )
    3. I don’t do much else apart from computers (I do what I enjoy, so what? )

  3. Oh Nessa, don’t be too bothered about it. Take on the positive side, you’ve attract ATTENTION!!!

    Be proud that you’re their centre of attention. So,enjoy the attention.

  4. My first time at college I was ‘the girl with the hair’ for two years because my hair was a different colour every month. I was ‘the irish one’ when I lived in England. I’ve been the short one and the one with the piercings. Now I guess the most common thing (I know of!) that people use to describe me is based on my job. I’m alright with that, I guess. I’ve never really given this much thought before.

  5. I’m “the funny one”, “the crazy one”, etc. It makes me uncomfortable. People see the reasonably small portion of the time when I’m ‘hilarious’ – loud and sociable and, to some extent, witty – and think it represents all of me.

    A friend of mine once told a friend of hers, “you have to meet Laura, she’s completely mental”. How do you live up to that? Walk around telling people you’re an onion?

    It happens to everyone, though. People remember one thing about you and think that’s all you are – no-one’s that simple or easy to understand.

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