The Twist

Been somewhat less depressed today and yesterday.  I stayed up late last night singing loudly.

I can’t get over this song. I absolutely love it. It makes me melt and makes  my brain go out the window.

He holds a certain gesture when we’re loving 
to ask each other
do you want  it? do you want me?
I want it.  It is you. You are where I want to be...


4 thoughts on “The Twist

  1. “It makes me melt and makes my brain go out the window.”

    That is one of the most original and creative ways of describing the effects of a song on oneself I have ever heard, lol… I know Metric but had never heard that song. Loved it!

  2. Hehe! The “brain out of the window” story started with Heath Ledger and the Joker in TDK. We have a small group in Facebook about it, and one day, when thinking about nice joker stories I commented:

    *brain goes out of the window*

    People seemed to like it, so it caught on, and now lots of us joker fans use it!

    *cough* But it’s mine! *cough*

    I’ve been using the melting thing for ages, but I’m sure that is more common.

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