Why is my country so green?

No I’m not talking about nature.  I like that kind of green, I’m talking about this:

Like the image says: the greener, the more religious.

For anyone who doesn’t know, my country is Colombia, right there in the north leftmost “corner” of South America.

 I didn’t think we would beat Mexico.   

Got the map at Pharyngula‘s, who also got the map somewhere else.

– Lonely Atheist.


7 thoughts on “Why is my country so green?

  1. Heck. I can’t see my country.
    I spy a little white pixel at the end of peninsula Malaysia where we’re supposed to be.
    Or maybe it’s really a speck of dust on my screen. Can’t tell the difference, really.

  2. Yeah, I think it was probably dust. Looks like the whole area is very green, even more than my country.

    I also thought the US would be darker than Canada. The people at pharyngula were commenting on it. Then someone said “Contrary to popular belief, Toronto is not the center of the world”, and tried to convey that many areas of Canada could not be too different from the US bible belt.

  3. Brazil’s green too. I think it’s mostly made up of hipocrits, born, raised and “programed” to keep it up. I don’t consider myself to be an atheist, but I hate people who don’t question religion, specially the institutionalizations who claim to represent them.

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