My mind won’t settle.  My left hand is numb, why? Because I’ve been obsessively pulling my hair all day.

One thing about my hair pulling problem, is that is restricted to the hair on my head.  I can’t imagine how it would be if I was pulling hair from other places.  I can barely shape my eyebrows every now and then.  But pulling from the head doesn’t hurt.    I’ve also learned to do it without leaving patches.  When I was about 10, this was a lot worse and I did have bald patches.  But now I only pull individual strands at the time.  I just take a bit from different areas, and since I have so much hair, there’s no difference.

Oh, and also, I not only pull my hair but I also bite it and every now and then I inadvertently swallow it although this is rare and doesn’t feel very good.  I hope  I don’t burp a hair ball while on a date.

This is something that barely had my attention until I had my psychiatry course in 2006 and found out there was a name for it.  It always gets worse when I’m anxious.  

And right now I just can’t stop.


2 thoughts on “Trich

  1. didn’t know about that too but i suppose anything that we do quite obsessively has a name for it! i don’t pull hair out, but i pull it if i see a strand of white hair or really ugly, curly hair. i can’t stand those curly ones!

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