Last night I had a horrible dream involving snakes wanting to bite me.  They were all over the place, and I couldn’t walk fast.  You are probably familiar with this, you know, when you dream and you try to move but you can’t, or move really slowly and you feel the frustration as you try to escape, usually from something that is threatening you.  It usually happens because your muscles are paralized while you sleep and you feel that restriction reflected in your dreams.

Anyway, I kept getting bitten, but my slow movements made me realize I was dreaming, so I woke myself up.  When I woke up, I told somebody about the snakes, and they made fun of me.

“But I thought you liked snakes!”

“I wouldn’t be scared of snakes…”

“Snakes? Pfft!”

 I was so angry at this.  Who do they think they are?

But then it turned out I was still dreaming.  I had “woken up” inside another dream.  I hate when that happens.  How do you know when it’s actually over?  I could be dreaming right now.  Maybe my depression symtoms are actually caused because I’m dreaming and my muscles are naturaly paralized so I feel like I need to drag myself everywhere?  

Well it was worth trying.

Lets just say I did wake up.   And in real life, I do love reptiles.  I love iguanas and snakes.  The only reptile that scares me is a small transparent lizard that likes to hang out at nights.  It’s so small and you can see all its organs… I always fear they are going to jump on me.  And indeed, one day, one did.  But that’s another story.

Speaking of snakes, the biggest one in the world discovered so far used to live in Colombia.  Or at least that’s where it was found.

58 million years ago, it could have been hanging out around the place where my house is now.  Apparently they loved hot


2 thoughts on “Snakes

  1. Snakes hey, forgot what an exotic country you are in. I had a mouse in my living room a couple of months ago. (not very exotic I know) still that dream sounds horrible. hope it hasnt reoccured.x

  2. Haha, I never think of my country being exotic. We don’t see really exotic animals in the cities. But Iguanas and small snakes can be common.

    I was more excited about seeing a squirrel once. They are much harder to find!

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