I have lost the will to blog.

In a short time, things have gone to hell.   Really bad days, not so bad days, all in the shadow of depression.  Lots of happenings in the personal field too. Finding old friends that were disappointed in me and me getting disappointed in others. Fixing things, fighting legal battles.  Trying to be assertive and not lose my screws completely.   I talked to Sally on the 28th and got my medication adjusted. She told me about this man with major depression who finally got sucessful with farmacotherapy, and continued to take the pills for almost 10 years.   Life was perfect.  However, it’s not a holiday to have to take several pills everyday just to keep your normal functioning.  He decided 10 years was a lot, and probably his problem was in the past by now.  He stopped.  

Hell ensued.

Oh, and also, now I have a personality disorder as a side course to go with the depression which is the main one.   I suspected it before but never took it seriously.

Yes, Avoidant Personality Disorder.  It’s official now.


8 thoughts on “Hell

  1. Damn, I hate the use of personality Disorder , the term. I don;t know who decides what is an ok personality trait and what is disordered :(. Anyway I am sorry you are feeling crap. And I think the morale of the story you tell is if you find a med that works stick to it.

  2. Thank you all of you for the comments. 😀

    Carol, I’ll take the hugs and the coke. Just give me a teleporter? You can er… teleport it here.

    I can’t help it, I’m obsessed with teleporters.

    I’m not too sad about the personality disorder diagnosis. Back then it would have been horrible. Right now it’s not so bad. I want to blog a bit more about it. Just not now. *tired*

    Take care everyone.

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