After the Total Perspective Vortex

Ok, this is so cool, seriously.  I have loved this video since the first time I saw it, and I had forgotten about it.

I needed to get the last post off the front of the page too.

Other: Coolest Search Terms

  • breasts floating water (he wanted to know if breasts float in water, what do you think?)
  • do you think feeling grown up is good thing (you have just killed your inner child)
  • would gynecologist prefer shaved (They don’t give a damn.  They are probably thinking about what they’re going to eat or the last thing they saw on tv. In both cases, it is most likely not a vagina. Especially not yours)
  • spanish nose (nariz)
  • i like breasts (I can imagine the person sitting at their desk typing this into google, hehe)
  • pics of inside where muscles are (o_O)
  • nothing left but hurt
  • gwen stefani and depression
  • men who grow breasts (gotta stop the steroids, dude)
  • hijab sex (someone has a fetish…)
  • scary disturbing suit weird situation (Do I want to know more?)
  • morpheus big boobs (o_O)
  • naughty nessa 😉
  • most pleasant color to look at
  • what are colombian people like (not like me)
  • fat female doctor (ouch)
  • cute medicine intern (that’s more like it)
  • i learned to love it now that you’re gone (bad luck)
  • muscle man coloring sheets (that’s weird)
  • “me me me” neuroticism (hahaha)
  • what are breasts for (awww)
  • in title: “index.of” (jpg | gif) vaginas (So specific and yet was taken here)
  • sleep paralysis and video games (never considered that option)
  • alabaster breasts

Hey, think about the weirdest thing you have ever typed into google and imagine someone is reading it just like I am.  Nobody knows who you are, anyway.


4 thoughts on “After the Total Perspective Vortex

  1. I love those search terms. One of my favourite things to do is look at my own blog stats and see what weirdness people were searching for when they found my blog. I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I see someone searching for how to photoshop faces to make them ‘beautiful’ but finding my blog post on why it’s shit to do that 🙂

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