Fine, officer, so technically, I *can* see colors.

Hey, you.  Look at the colors in this strip. Some purplishh blueish tealishh thing. Yah.

Do you think you can arrange them by hue?

The color IQ test. Took it from Sulz

Well I was planning on making an awesome entry about it, but lets be honest: I just wanted to brag that I got a perfect score.* Look!  My cone cells are very very healthy!

So, can you do it? Can you do it? I dare ya! Bwahahha.

Hehe, now, don’t panic if you don’t do well in here, this is just a game. Real color vision tests are more like this. Try it out if you want to.  Interesting fact: Up to 8% of males are colorblind while less than 0.5% of women are.

I’ve covered colors before.  In a very dreamy and abstract way but I did. I love colors.

Now, not all the possible combinations are acceptable. For example I find the image above very unpleasant, so much that I wanted to get rid of it, but since it’s the proof that I did get a perfect score, I won’t.

Instead I’ll post a few images that I do like.  Enjoy.

* (Also, when I googled “color discrimination”, I got a bunch of links about racism that I found inexplicable for about 10 seconds)

And finally, I’ll post the thing I was tagged for in the first place.  “to fish out an old photo, preferably a decade old and taken when I was completely unaware.” Those who know me in facebook have probably seen pictures of me from over a decade ago.  For the rest of you, here goes one!


8 thoughts on “Fine, officer, so technically, I *can* see colors.

  1. i thought that multi-coloured thing looks very pleasant! i love colours mixed together like a rainbow. 🙂 hence my lips, lol. oh my, you were big a decade ago… oh wait, that’s your mom. you’re, well… bald. :mrgreen:

  2. I took that colour vision test and only got 7/10 :O

    I eventually worked out what the last three were by trial and error… and I can’t for the life of me see how that last one was a 5! It’s blatently an 8 😐

  3. Yer, I did that colour test off sulz. Well, I did the first one – the oranges and yellows, and I got it all correct. But by then I was fed up with it, so I’m assuming I’d have got the rest all right to, if I’d have been bothered. 😉 Of course. Cos I’m amazing. Innit. :mrgreen:

    Suzy x

  4. I couldn’t resist this challenge as I thought I was pretty good on colour! But alas I only scored a ’30’…and a perfect score is a zero. Interesting though. And I too like rainbows…in my art work I tend to run these kinds of colours together all the time. Maybe I’ll try that other test you mentioned. Have to admit I’m somewhat miffed by being ‘shock horror’ less than perfect! I did find the test a little difficult in places though. Especially the bluey greens.

  5. Sulz that’s more like two decades ago! Almost 22 years ago really.:)

    I don’t find the rainbow images pleasant because they are too regular and predictable. I do like arranging stuff by hue in a way that looks like a rainbow because it then looks like something that must be worked on!

    Chouette it is a 5! 😀 It is designed in a way that if you don’t see a 5, then you really don’t see a 5. This is a test that is closer to the Ishihara one (the professional one), but still, it shouldn’t be taken as you having color blindness of some sort. You need the actual one as the screen and light could get in the way of the online one.

    Suzy! haha, yes the first test was annoying enough. It takes time… The second one takes 1 minute only.

  6. Zoe, the test got difficult in some parts. Especially when you were “almost done”. I had to look away for a second and then scan the colors again to see misplaced blocks.

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