Not moving too much anyway

Amanda Palmer – The Point Of It All

Oh what a noble distiguished collection of fine little friends you have made
hitting the tables without you again no we’ll wait no we promise we’ll wait
june makes these excellent sewing machines out of common industrial waste

She spends a few months at a time on the couch
But she’s fine, she wears shades, she wears shades
But no one can stare at the wall as good as you, my babydoll

And your race is for playing along
You’re almost human after all
And you’re learning that just cause they call themselves friends doesn’t mean they’ll call
They made the comment in jest
But you’ve got the needle
I guess that’s the point of it all

Maybe a week in the tropics will help to remind you how nice life can be
We propped you right up in a chair on the deck with a beautiful view of the sea
A couple days later we came back and you and the chair were nowhere to be seen
You had magically moved to the closet
Eyes fixed to the spot where the dryer had been
Oh yes, no one can stare at the wall as good as you, my babydoll
And your race is for coming along
You’re almost human after all
Why on earth would I keep you propped up in here when you so love the fall?
The pattern’s laid out on the bed
With dozens of colours of thread
But you’ve got the needle
I guess that’s the point of it all

It’s better to waste your day watching the scenery change at a comatose rate
Than to put yourself in it and turn into one of those cigarette ads that you hate
But while you were sleeping some men came around
And they said had dimensions to take
I’m not sure what they were talking about
But they sure made a mess of your face
But still no one can stare at the wall as good as you, my babydoll
And your race is for coming along
You’re almost human, even now
And just cause they say that they’re experts doesn’t mean sweet fuck all
They’ve got the permanent press
And homes with a stable address
And they’ve got excitement
And life by the fistful
But you’ve got the needle
I guess that’s the point of it all


4 thoughts on “Not moving too much anyway

  1. I see you listening to The Dresden Dolls all of the time. I find them too emo. Not at all like the type of music I listen to. However, I finally found a song of theirs that appeals to my musical aesthetic and resonates in me. I appreciate the epic, climatic, classical style combined with the rawness of her voice. For most of the song her words are inaudible, but that is precisely the allure, since I have a one track mind and cannot focus on the musicality and lyrics simultaneously.

    You’re almost human, even now

    Almost. The wall reflects the nothingness inside of you. A feeble anchor to reality, but more desirable that the bodies that move about you, examples of life you think in the back of your mind, when you understood the meaning of the word. The bodies come and go and you do not want to see them. No, you cannot stand to see them or be exposed to them for long. And so, back to the muted wall. To its familiar stability and its intangible line that connects the world to your familiar and stable body, and by extension, the chaos inside. You are bound, you are drowning, lost, not wanting the world whilst wishing for something or someone in it to touch you. To take your mind. To give you rest. To help unravel the knots. To shed a flashlight at them such that you can finally see and understand their purpose. No more sitting in one place so tightly that the merest shift is a reminder of its confines.

    An undesirable place to be, is it not?

    You need a force to give you choice, whatever shape or form. Your circles only tell you that you have gone as far as you can on your own. Choice is the first step to living.

  2. Too emo? really? oh well.

    I discovered the dresden dolls just some months ago. It hasn’t gotten old. It’s almost like it was music created by me if I had the musical talent. It matches my brainwaves perfectly. There are such dissonances in it along with little details and surprises.

    Ironically, this is a song that I don’t care much for musically. It is too regular. I just like the part of (But no one can stare at the wall as good as you, my babydoll).

    Anyway, I focused on the lyrics here. I don’t know if she meant it differently when she wrote it, but of course when I interpret a song I have the tendency to make it about me. The interpretation according to me was then perfectly interpreted by you.

  3. Too emo? really?

    Yes. Although, I listen to Neue Deutsche Härte (Tanzmetall), so perhaps it only seems excessively emo in comparison.

    It’s almost like it was music created by me if I had the musical talent. It matches my brainwaves perfectly.

    I can identify. Neue Deutsche Härte appeals to me for the harshness and hardness of the vocals and heavily distorted electrical guitar and drums, transfused with the lighter keyboard and synthesizer sounds. An inherent duality, a musical dissonance of sorts to represent my cognitive dissonance. Ah, I am Androgyne even in musical aesthetic. It seems only natural. It could also be why emo music has no appeal to me in general, as it generally exists on one end of the musical spectrum.

    If the song in this blog entry is not one of your favourites, then which of theirs is?

    As for the above song, I was less interested in the intentions of the artist and more on your take. You bolded certain parts of the lyrics. It only stood to reason the major purpose of this entry was to express the emotional and mental significance of the song as it applied to you.

    Our tastes in music are highly personal. It is human nature to make it so. We are compelled to seek things and persons that reflect who we are. Unless you are writing a dissertation on the artist and/or its target culture, then there is no reason why you should not make it all about you. Most people do not realize the truth in this, and so when they see a blog post with a song that does not resonate in them they suddenly find themselves with nothing to say. Should they say they do not like it and risk offending the blogger or should they praise the song and in so lie?

    Ah, either response is an exercise in superficiality.

  4. It means it is also somewhat futile to write an entry like this and expect a response. I too was aware of the possible comments that wouldn’t add anything new. But it wasn’t the objective of the entry anyway.

    For some reason the conversations about music stress me. They always have. What do I like and what I don’t? I don’t know the first thing about genres even when I tried to learn while hanging out with my best friend who was a music expert. I had to make a list in my facebook profile, adding one thing at the time as I notice I like it. Everytime the subject comes out in a conversation I have to go check it at least mentally. It keeps me from going blank everytime the subject “music” comes out as part of socialisation. I still dislike talking about it as I feel my answers are robotised and created just to get it over with.

    I can’t pick a favorite. I’ve never thought about it. It changes. Sometimes I like one song sometimes I like another. Sometimes said song annoys me completely. I’ll go obsessive over another for weeks. Lately I’ve been obsessed with “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse and “Ions” by Tool. I’m exploring the new Dresden Dolls album.

    I don’t think “music” as a whole identifies me. It’s just something in the enviroment that I happen to like.

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