She killed her! Why?

Have you heard that story about the woman at her mother’s funeral? Apparently it’s very famous and all, but if you haven’t heard it the more fun this will be for you.

Here it is:

A woman attends her mother’s funeral. There she meets a man whom she has never met before. She identifies him as the man of her dreams and immediately falls in love.  However, she never asks for his number or his name.

Some time later she kills her sister.


You have all the elements to answer it, you don’t have to elaborate complex theories.  Just say what you think happened and LATER look up the answer.  Don’t cheat.  I want to read your hypothesis before you find out the truth.

Note: If you HAVE heard it, there’s no acceptable reason for you to come here and post “Ahh old riddle, the answer is obviously —-, you’re an idiot and live under a rock, everyone knows this one.“.  The fun is ruined for you already you bitter person, stay away from the rest.

For the answer as it was planned when the riddle was formulated, turn the page…


8 thoughts on “She killed her! Why?

  1. Oooh I heard that one before but I forgot.
    I think she killed her sister because some time later she saw the sister going out with that man.

  2. Before turning the page, I want to post my hypothesis. She kills her sister because she is a damn sadistic bitch who feels more pleasure killing people rather than falling in love with them. As she fell in love with the man of his dreams, she prefered to ignore him because she clearly knew that she was a damn sadistic murderer bitch and possibly she would kill him too.

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