So cute it kills you

Okay this is a random post but I was randomly googling.  One thing led to another.  I found this.

This little unbelievable cute puffer is supposed to be the 2nd most poisonous creature in the world.

So next thing I know I’m googling to find out which one is the 1st.

The first is actually a Colombian frog!  I knew we had poisonous frogs, but I didn’t really *know*, I hope I run into one someday… heh.  They are beautiful.

Yep.  Random. And now it ends.


12 thoughts on “So cute it kills you

  1. OK, I’m hoping la sees this. (Sorry, Nessa, for nicking your comments box…)

    La, please can I have access to your blog? It told me to request from the blog owner, and… ooh, I’ve just realised I have your email. OK, I’ll email you – but please can I have access anyway? Pretty please? :mrgreen: (That was my charming smile.)

    Especially today, on the day when I just wrote you such a lovely puff on my blogroll!

    Suzy x

  2. Hey guys!

    Sorry, I flipped out yesterday. I might blog about it – haven’t decided yet. The blog is now back, open to everyone. *feels embarrassed*

  3. Flipping out. Once I deleted a whole year worth of blogs… (2006) they’ll never come back. I guess closing it yesterday it’s not that bad after all. Glad you’re alright.

  4. but… but… how can they kill you when they are so…

    ah nevermind, i shall no longer fear for sharks next time i randomly jump into the sea and then half way down think “wtf am i doing?” and then…

    (i really need to learn when to type and not type thoughts)

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