Blog Maintenance

Sept 27th.  The awesome Sulz has allowed me to have her CSS upgrade.   I have absolutely no experience with CSS but I can read.  I know HTML and I have some common sense so I’m going to experiment with it.  If I mess up then I’ll ask for help.  So, bear with me.

EDIT: Got a general idea of what does what and before I continue, I am going to take out The Gimp and try to plan what I want my blog to look like.

Sept 12th.  It has taken me longer than I thought!  Just have had some setbacks here in real life… I just finished the About page.

HAHA Doing lots of things in here… I’m back!  And taking advantage of WordPress Sticky posts!  😉 Check it back soon!

  • Skin Change
  • Custom Header
  • My photo
  • Arranging Sidebar Content
  • Editing Tags and Categories
  • Editing About Page
  • Updating Blogroll
  • Updating Blogroll page
  • Posting Something New

7 thoughts on “Blog Maintenance

  1. The subject in your header is either reaching up in a final, drowning, display of rebellious indignation before it is snuffed into extinction, or, has just projected from the bottom like a biological missile fixated on conquering the realities above.

    Regardless, I approve of the new layout.

  2. @Hannah – Yes I liked that aswell! Easy to click on things and have them taking you to the right place. Lately it’s hard to find a good free WordPress skin. I can’t do custom… maybe some day. For now this one will do!

    @Satoru – I do like the design too, thanks 🙂 Look S, here‘s the big image in case it solves the mistery a bit. In my opinion it is just trying to get rid of the leaf-umbrella. Who would like to get covered from the rain, especially if you’re a frog?

    @Anonymous Diego
    – You think? Well I’m flattered. Mind telling me why it suits me?

    @Suzy – HAHA well you’re so young! I’m old for you. Thanks for the pretty part. 🙂 I love About pages too. It’s the first thing I look after I’ve been captived by a post.

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