Blog love

Must be my blog bday… I’m loved! yay, check these things out.

1. ___________________________________


From Sulz, and her last blogging project, I got this:

She went to a trip in Macau, and while she was there she wrote me this postcard that she took a pic of – along with the actual place.  You know, to prove she was indeed there when she was thinking of me. Haha.   Well, I thought it was pretty cool.  My screename has been physically written somewhere in China – Macau I know.  Thank you Sulz!  Maybe one day I’ll see that view with my own eyes. 🙂



Next, it’s an award! The Blogging-Friends-Forever award, from the lovely LA.   I got a nice virtual gold card.  I wasn’t expecting it, thank you!  Bwah, bwha, I wonder if I can buy something nice with it. 😛



And what do you know? Another award!!  I got this in the mail today.   By Sulz!

I’m not sure in what way I’m helping the kittens, but I sure don’t kick them… so I guess that’s good… right?



13 thoughts on “Blog love

  1. i gave lovelyloey an irritable panda because she reminds me of one. she rants in her blog but yet so cute at the same time. well, sometimes. haha! 😛

  2. darn it, i knew i repeated some awards. 😦 sorry!

    well, i’m sure all kittens will feel safe in both your blogs with the award now. that might come in very useful in saving some lovely kittens. maybe not sex kittens, though. haha!

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