The ocean breathes salty, so does my runny nose.

I am happy to announce that I’ve re-acquired my ability to breathe!  I am also covered in lemon and honey vibes and chocolate hugs. 😀  Thank you for your messages.

I have to say I was slightly scared yesterday morning in the mirror when I saw this ghostly form with no colors, dry hair, huge bags under diminute eyes and a still runing and red nose.  Yes: me.

Because by the moment I woke up, I didn’t believe it was me who had to lie (well, more like sit) in bed for days with a inhaler as a lifesaver, being taken care of by my family and even go to the hospital when all that wasn’t enough.   I thought I had been too dramatic and spoiled and felt more than a little bit shameful.   How does a person get so weak and fainty? it was just a bad flu case, complicated with the already existent asthma.  Silly Nessa.

I got scared in the mirror later that morning, because it showed me evidence that I had been indeed sick and not just overreacting.   Then I noticed a certain salty, fresh smell that felt like the best thing in the world.  I was probably smelling my own runny nose, but even that was great after a while of not being able to breathe well, much less smell something.

I’m actually laughing at the expression “running nose”, because my head is of course picturing this:

I’m sorry, it must be an old and bad joke, but in spanish you don’t say “running nose”, and in the medical world you say “rhinorrhea”.   This means I haven’t been exposed to the joke repeteadly like most of you must probably have,  and I am not immune to it!

And that is why I am still laughing.  Well, vaccine me.

Like I didn’t wish my nose actually ran away from me instead of sitting there hurting and being red and drippy and helping my already half closed throat in stopping oxigen from reaching my brain!

(currently making a shrine to thank the amazing nasal saline irrigation)

Oh well in other news… My computer is still dead.  But the small computer next to it is not… this small computer is just… impossible.  I just turned it on and it’s slow as hell and I’m sure it will stop functioning any second, so I’ll finish my transmission for now.

I also should go eat something.


6 thoughts on “The ocean breathes salty, so does my runny nose.

  1. Ah it’s always different when you’re the patient though. A little similar; I knew what to do when my dad cut his hand and there was a lot of blood – I spent nights of my life panicking about how much blood was coming out of the cuts I inflicted on myself. When it’s you, all knowledge flies out of the window x

  2. Good to hear you’re feeling better.

    Oh, and I’m jealous of your skills in English by the way, considering your first language is Spanish… I’m doing Spanish for 2 more years at school (college), if I get the right grades of course. Everybody says I’m mad but I’m good at it – The problem is that being ‘good’ at a second language in the UK means you only really need to know the simple basics as we learn it later in school and don’t even need it because they all speak English as a second language in other countries (Sigh).

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