Cool Obsession

Not much to report.

Depression has temporarily subsided because of a current obsession.

I found a “God doesn’t exist” debate going over facebook.  Of course, me being me, I entered and read the whole thing.  As you must know, I’m an atheist, and I also love learning about these things.  The debate itself is not the best, and the people who have some reasoning skills are few, but that’s not important.  The debate only gave me ideas for stuff to read online, and in the past 2 days I’ve learned a bunch of things about evolution, quantum physics and phylosophy.   One of my favorite places has been: Talk Origin.  I’m devouring it. I can’t get enough.


6 thoughts on “Cool Obsession

  1. Hiya,
    you are a doctor, do you believe that the intricate mechanism we call a human body was developed by almost hit and miss over millions of years?

    Every single cell has a dsignated purpose – and it is more or less identical in every human body – almost as if it had been carefully thought out and placed there.

    Forget the creationists, forget Darwin and his theory, what do you think?

  2. Ergh, I have daily arguements with people in college about whether God exists. I definitely don’t believe in him. I had this arguement

    Me – it’ll be something to do with the big bang
    Girl – Stuff doesn’t just happen, they don’t appear from no where
    Me – what about your supposed god then, wouldnt he of just appeared from no where

  3. the intricate mechanism we call a human body was developed by almost hit and miss over millions of years

    LittleIndian. From what you said there, I think you’re trying to simplify evolution as a mere impossible set of happy coincidences. I wouldn’t blame you, as most of the people are rather misinformed in the science subjects, and science itself has failed to explain the general non-scientist about these matters. If you start with a misleading definition of what evolution means, all the analisis based on that is meant to be biased.

    The reason I like the site I mentioned in my post, it’s because it explains a lot of things in a way that is easier to understand. I have a relatively wide knowledge of biology and genetics, but I have a weakness in the physics part, for example, so I find it incredibly helpful aswell.

    And, I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me with the robots post. Humans design things, and humans tend to antropomorphize things. Not only it explains why they like creating robots that look like them, but it also explains why they try to apply the “design” theory in everything around them, includying themselves.

    I don’t “believe” in evolution. If evolution didn’t have the evidence it has backing it up, I wouldn’t mention it.

    Also, I’m not arguing that “God doesn’t exist”. I’m just saying that there’s absolutely no reason for me to believe that. So, I don’t.

    Still, let’s forget about the “God” part for a while. I can understand this because it’s a belief thing, more personal and subjective. But the evolution vs creationism is a subject that has surprised me a lot. Evolution doesn’t equal atheism, and I can’t believe people are taking it as a faith matter.

    Soon they’ll claim that gravity doesn’t exist.

  4. Hiya,
    I think you misundrstood me.

    Why the robots? What I meant was if we can create with ‘inorganic materials’, robots that look / behave like us, – (and you can see how with developing technology, they are getting better and better and say in 50 years who knows what capabilities they will have.) – is it not possible that some alien life form so far advanced in knowledge and technology can create life forms with ‘organic materials’ and created us in their own image? Either we are of alien ancestory, or were ‘created’ by something alien.

    The photo of the various advancing stages of robots – to me each is a ‘deliberate creation’ – but if we do not see/understand the creator or the process – from a distance it will appear as ‘evolution’ and we will look for ‘Laws’ to justify how it took place.

    My understanding of human anatomy and physiology leaves me speechless at the sheer brilliance of what we are and how we function. A neurone that starts from a microscopic receptor on my fingertip will relay to a specific part of my brain so that I know if I have hit the right keys in the right sequence to be able to convey something as abstract as my thoughts over to you. – That to me cannot develop through mutations/ natural selection / evolution – call it what you may. That to me is advanced knowledge, science and technology and a design and manufacture with a purpose.

    “Creation” is attributed to God. I feel we have created more questions by believing he/she who created the Universe also created humans. It just as likely to be two entirely different process – different Laws – of different science – and who knows of different dimensions and different realities.

    I do not believe in “God” but I do not disbelieve in a power that created the Universe. This Universe started with a big bang, at present it is impossible to know what existed before that singularity. Or if that singularity was just a firecracker compared to something even more infinite. May be we will never have the capability to know.

    Never mind –
    just my thoughts really, I was not arguing, I do not think anyone can prove or disprove anything to be able to argue; I wanted to know yours thoughts as you are interested in this.

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