In the arms of morpheus

You have abandoned your blog, Nessa.  Just sit and type.

Sit and type.

I just joined one of those facebook groups that can be anything, like “I too have a blue teddy bear in my garage“, “I love Lisa Simpson”, “If 3000 people join this group, there will be 3000 people in this group!

But this one was “For those who love to sleep” … it was actually in spanish, but you don’t speak spanish, so I translate.

And yes.  My name is Nessa, and I LOVE to sleep.

Ever met one of those people who are always energized and say “I’ll sleep when I die?“.

Well, I’m not one of them.

Not at all.

I can count in my hand the times I’ve pulled an all nighter, not counting the horrible shifts at the hospital.  I always did my study on daytime, and sometimes I didn’t study, hence my mediocre grades through college.  School before that was just too easy.

A party?  Okay, but only until 1 or 2 in the morning.  Don’t worry, I won’t ruin the fun for you, I’ll just lay my head over here and you can wake me up some hours later so I can go home and sleep for another 10 hours.

I’m just like that.  Everyone has certain sleeping requirements.  Some people can do well with 5 hours a night, but for some of us that is just not enough.  I wonder if my medical phobia is all based on the fact that they never allowed me to sleep as much as I wanted to.  I think it’s a very good possibility.

That I ended up choosing a career path like that is just BAD KARMA.

I sometimes envy those “A- type personalities” who wish they were never asleep and are always doing something.  I would do much better in uni, I would have partied more, and I wouldn’t be so incredibly messed up and brain dead after a shift.

Then again, a big part of my sleeping addiction may be caused by depression.  I can trace the beginning of depression in my life to 15 or 16 years of age, but I can’t draw a line.  It’s been too long, it’s too chronic, and I’ve incorporated things like hypersommnia as part of my life.  Maybe it is.  I always slept much more than other kids as I was growing up.

Maybe my hypersomnia has actually nothing to do with depression.

And no, I don’t have anemia, I don’t have hypothyroidism.

I am not narcoleptic.  Well, once I fell asleep without my own consent on a sofa at the medical room, I honestly have no idea how I ended up there, and when I was waken up it had been hours and I had left my job abandoned.  But it was the afternoon after not sleeping for about 40 hours in a surgery shift.

Also I fell asleep several times in boring classes, but… we’ve all been there.

Of course EVERYONE is tired after being awake for over 30 hours, but I am pretty much braindead.  I can’t add 2 + 2, I forget how to understand the human language, I cannot follow simple instructions.  And I can’t even dream of doing something crazy like partying all night, get wasted and go next day to work after ingesting several grams of caffeine.  I was always jealous when classmates did that.

Caffeine… does… NOTHING… on me.

And I won’t try other substances really…

So I’ll just continue to sleep.  Not only I love to sleep, I also adore my dreams.  All my life I’ve had movie – like dreams on full color.  I was surprised to hear some people dream on black and white.


Anyone heard of a job that pays you for sleeping?

Please let me know.


4 thoughts on “In the arms of morpheus

  1. Ahh a job that pays you to sleep, now that really would be perfect!
    I need around 11 hours sleep each night, if I don’t have that I find myself napping during the day which I don’t like to do. I so hate it when people mock me or call me lazy for having so much sleep – it’s like they think they’re superior because they sleep 5 hours a night! Sleeping certainly is an escape, to me it’s the best escape there is out there, it’s a thing I’ll do if I’ve got nothing else planned and I’m happy that way, and dreams are much better and more interesting than reality! Yuk caffeine, at time’s I used to swear that it made me more sleepy, my brain just says “stop trying to cover up the fact that I’m tired, it’s not going to work, just leave me to sleep!” Then I end up stuck with a heart that feels like it’s running laps around my chest and I’m still just as tired!
    Sleeping’s a part of life; for some it’s something that requires care and attention, for others it just gets in the way and is avoided.

  2. Well, I speak enough Spanish to understand what that said :-p

    You could move to America and get paid to lie in bed all day and be an experimental subject for the people who look into the effects of zero-gravity on astronauts (true! 😉 )

  3. One hears people bragging, ‘I only need four hours a night.’

    Well, I can’t compete.

    I think I might do well with a regular job. As long as I can sleep at night.

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