Nessa is a geek for today.

First of all, if you haven’t yet, download the new release of Firefox for a World Guinness Record for most downloads in 24 hours.   17th June 6pm GMT to 18th June 6 pm GMT. This means most of you still have time! I found out thanks to Tanya… I am surprised my own firefox browser didn’t pop something up telling me about it… it always does.

Colombia is on the 20 K downloads! it’s not much but at least it’s more than our neighboring countries, and that’s good.  YAY We rock.

So in other news… I’ve been obsessed with YouTube lately, watching stupid videos and whatnot, making stupid videos and whatnot, deleting my stupid videos and so on.  I’ve been messing with my old computer, and I formatted the four hard drives it had and reinstalled it all.  I had to use windows again, because I originally was trying to do something new…  I was trying to install this OS.   I have an old computer so I can do anything with it, can’t I?  But the cd I made was corrupted and I ran out of spare cds, so it will have to wait another day at least.

While searching for old files, I found something I liked.  Some of my Pixel Art!

So I really don’t know how I did all that.  It’s too time consuming!  Or maybe I’m just too lazy lately…


4 thoughts on “Nessa is a geek for today.

  1. I like your pixel art the images are cool. They look like something out of an old school video game.

    I have to admit I am getting hooked on YouTube as well. I have created 23 videos so far.

    What is your Youtube Account?

  2. Yes, pixel art is what it’s used for icons and mobile games and in general old school games and other stuff. 🙂

    My YouTube account is “PiperClavenham”, but I have no videos at the moment. :/

    What is yours? What are your videos about?

  3. I will email it to you; the videos are bits and pieces of my life… or at least the last few months of it.

  4. Wow, I see you’ve changed your blog design!

    I was a day too late fior Download Day… I did download it, but since I use Opera, I haven’t used FF much. Ir’s just nice to have “in case”.

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