A short, sweet week

It’s sunday night. Almost midnight… and tomorrow new things await, and I’ll probably even get busy, so I’m saving this week… I didn’t do much, but it was definitely relaxing.

During this week I:

Became dissapointed at the fact that adult link is NOT attractive.

Discovered the cutest character ever.

Saved my pidgeon from drowing in a bucket full of soapy water. She was probably treading the water for hours when we discovered it, so we had to use a heat lamp and provide water and she slept for the rest of the day. She’s alright now, and her feathers are shinier than ever.

Realized that the San Pedro festivities are starting, all because a mini-parade that passed right in front of me.

99.9% of you probably don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I’m quoting wikipedia’s article on Neiva for now.

This city is known for the “San Pedro” festivities held between the last two weeks of June and early July. During this time, there are daily parades through the downtown area and showings of the “Sanjuanero“, a folk dance, where the participants dress in costumes and compete for being the best performers of the choreography.

Right after the parade, a new butterfly decided it liked my hands for its wing-warming.

We had an awesome father’s day. The puppy is huge and has been baptised “Scott” alias “La Juca”. I had nothing to do with either of the names, and it seems to be working (because I suck at naming things). Zeus (the father) already had his name when we bought him… and no, we didn’t like any of the Greek Mithology names although Zeus (the thunder guy) had like a thousand sprouts).

Scott liked his name and quickly learned to recognize it. Zeus thinks his son is an annoying little robot with everlasting batteries. I take Zeus side for most things, since he’s my dog, while still getting a few laughs from the little guy.

That’s pretty much it. The rest of the day I just sit and watch the clouds as they go by.


8 thoughts on “A short, sweet week

  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures those are awesome! I am amazed that the butterfly landed in your hand!

    As for Link was the younger version attractive? 🙂

  2. The butterfly was one of those that have just left the cocoon and are not quite ready to fly yet so they just like to walk from surface to surface and that one walked on my hand.

    No, the young link was a kid, that’s all, but I was waiting for him to grow up and be hot… or something. I’m talking about a fictional video game character, and… I’m a freak.

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