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So, I took off for the weekend. Left on Friday afternoon, spent three nights and came back this morning. I generaly dislike road trips. But sometimes it’s the only way to get somewhere, and lets face it, this time it was only a matter of… 1 hours and half? Except it took the bus TWO HOURS AND 14 MINUTES.

And me and my stupid luck, had to spend another 3 hours inside an ambulance at very unholy hours. Don’t worry, I was NOT the patient.

And then going back home. This time the bus was half the size but twice as fast, but I was so eager to go back that it still felt like forever!

Somewhere between going and coming back, I…

  • visited a new different town. They’re all very similar anyway.
  • found out that there are places much hotter than Neiva.
  • found out the town though small, has a little wormhole where no matter what you do, you get lost.
  • got to see a friend in action (being a doctor).
  • got to ride inside an ambulance for the first time ever.
  • got to see the nastiest wound I’ve seen so far. A guys arm was sliced in several pieces and the bone was broken and everything was held together by small pieces of tissue. I guess you don’t need more details.
  • spent 4 days away from the internet.
  • ate what felt like several times my weight.

Saldaña, Colombia. Yes, that’s a church.

Here in Colombia, every town has a similar structure: A church, a park, and then all kinds of stuff around. Something like this:

Everything else is just… houses, some school somewhere, drinking places and, a hospital or any other health facility. BUT THERE’S NO SUCH THING LIKE A TOWN WITHOUT A CHURCH AND A PARK.

People can live in a place like this:

Or, a place like this:

In the same town.

While wandering lost in the wormhole, old random men called me “honey” and “lovely thing”, and other things they like to shout at women. CLEARLY it wasn’t because of my looks. HAHA. They just like to do it, maybe a sport? Meh.

This is the hospital, something going on while I just sat and watched.

My friend the doctor.

View from the inside of the bus while coming back, very tired, with no sleep, and a bunch of dirty clothes.


Life is good. I don’t know if I am (probably not), but I am making an effort here. I am not thrilled about tomorrow. I freaked out a couple of times while wacthing my friend work and thinking “I could never do that, I don’t want to… but I have to?!… oh, no.” but I expected that.

Now, I don’t care much about people as a collective bunch, but I care about close friends, and I think I was able to help on a personal level. I was also able to focus on something other than my own repetitive thoughts.

And when I finally got home, I saw my baby dog; my big dog Zeus hurt him, but he’s fine now.

Oh, and I also finished the geisha book.

This entry SUCKS!



3 thoughts on “Images, trip, friends, dogs

  1. sounds like you had a great time, even though there aren’t many places to visit. 🙂 and bus ride notwithstanding. 😛 i know how you feel, i hate commuting! why can’t we just teleport or something? it’s the year 2000+ already, isn’t it??

    have you named your baby dog yet? how about hercules, son of zeus? 😆

  2. Hmm Commuting. New word. hehe

    For some reason I don’t mind taking the bus to work everyday, it’s 30 to 45 minutes and I just sit and enjoy the view. If it were any faster, it would be too fast, and I would arrive not ready to work yet… I guess I’m used to it. And driving would not let me enjoy the view… so bus is kinda perfect.

    But I really don’t like taking the bus for long rides… like going to another town. I get insanely bored, nauseous, can’t sleep, can’t stay awake, can’t think, the time stretches and becomes neverending… eek.

    PUPPY IS CUTE, ISN’T IT? But you can’t have it.

    btw, he does have a name now.

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