One fun night out without socializing.

I didn’t go drinking last night after all. Instead I bought a ticket to a theatre performance a nice girl I know from med school had invited me to. It was taking place just two blocks away from the university, so I said, why not.

  • The play was “The Madman and the Nun” by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. (Note: the link is not the one I saw, it was in Spanish and the link to the article in the local newspaper was broken, and, in Spanish. It’s meant to give you an idea.)
  • I love theatre plays. Because I love seeing people act. I might even love acting? I don’t know. I was always a backstage girl. And last night I was also thinking about the settings and the light, and the background, and the sound effects, so I guess I am still a backstage girl!
  • Watching the play didn’t cost much. 3000 pesos/1.5 dollars. It was a local production and meant for uni students.
  • All the actors were uni students. Most of them were really good and really impressed me. Sadly, the girl playing the nun didn’t. And she had way too many lines, and my guess is that she was selected for her looks more than her acting skills.
  • But the guy playing the madman made me fall in love with him. When the play was over and he was his usual self, I wanted to haunt him and eat him. Figuratively speaking, of course.
  • Only one actress impressed me and it wasn’t the med school girl. 😦 It was another girl who had this twenties European look going on. Her manners, her gaze, everything was attractive in my opinion.
  • I was very entertaining throughout the two hours it lasted.
  • I didn’t have to interact with anyone, which kept me calm.
  • I had a fun night after all.
  • The play itself is great. I am trying to look for it online, but I am not too sucessful at it yet.

6 thoughts on “One fun night out without socializing.

  1. glad to hear you had a good time. i’ve only been to one play ever and it was a uni production too. maybe it wasn’t a good play, but i didn’t like it and i don’t think i like plays! 😦

  2. I do… and I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed two really good plays in my life. But even the bad ones I watched make me think they were just bad plays, not that plays are bad.

    There’s something about seeing such thing live. Seeing the strong emotions being portrayed, and it’s kinda magical to see another person portraying a character right in front of you.

  3. hmmmm
    i’m not a big fan of plays….
    there was one though… it was about menapause… and then there was one about how to be a penis.
    i like romeo and juliet as well…
    but yeah each to their own

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