The World is Getting Better Everyday, and so is my life.

Today I ran into a person I know from uni. While talking to her I sensed how she felt the world is much worse now than say, 100 years ago. She mentioned things like pollution, overpopulation and an apparent corruption of ethics in most humans. Then she went on a religious rant about people getting away from God and such, but that’s beneath the point.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard people say that nowadays humanity is at its worst, and it’s falling even lower as we speak. And I’m not only talking about older people; It seems to be a collective perception. In Spanish, there’s a very popular saying that says Todo Tiempo Pasado Fue Mejor”, which can be literally translated as “Every past time was better than now”. I don’t know if English speaking people have a similar saying.

Do you think that the past time was better? I don’t.

I think the world is getting better everyday. Maybe the air was less polluted back then, the rivers were cleaner, and definitely, there were fewer pregnant teenagers. However, the concept of people living quietly, respecting the neighbors, the children being obedient, while married couples never divorced, to me is like a fairy tale that has nothing to do with the real thing.

Lets take our time machine and go really back then. Cavemen could barely live, so they wouldn’t worry much about anything else that was not being killed and eating enough not to die before reproducing. The first civilizations created reservoirs of food and water, and safer living conditions. With this, they were able to go into other issues: war, diseases, hierarchy. A flu could kill you, as well as not listening to the current authority.

Let’s jump to European civilizations. The children mortality was still high as it could be, and men died in wars, and people kept dying of flu and tuberculosis. There was no freedom of speech. When the church gained more power, people died for speaking their minds. Women died for doing nothing! If you were a woman in the middle age, and someone didn’t like you, chances are they would accuse you of being a witch and you’d die. No discussion. The middle age lasted 1200 years! 1200 years and nothing changed whatsoever, no discoveries were made because of fear, so the same old things applied, and people kept dying and being abused. Renaissance and the illumination was a better time to live than middle age, sure, but the social hierarchies still played a role, the poverty killed thousands, and people kept dying of flu! Ever heard about an aunt saying they want to have their baby at home because “that’s how it was done before”?, Well, before the prenatal and perinatal death rate was HUGE. We have our babies in bubbles of protection now with the hospitals and vaccines and esterilizing practices. The prenatal and perinatal dead rate, as well as the dead rate of woman for obstetric causes is a marker of the health status of each country, and most developed countries make sure these markers stay low.

Let’s go back to the time machine and go into last century. Sexism, intolerance, and diseases. But this is when the clock starts to accelerate and the freedom is increased, and the minds start to shine.

Are you scared because of AIDS and cancer and how many people die because of it? Well, we are currently facing the lowest mortality rate ever as a species we’ve ever had. Overpopulation is a sign of our sucess as species and constitutes a new problem. As well as the obesity epidemy is a sign of our sucess at accumulating resources and safety. We’re winning too many trophies and we don’t know what to do with them. You think having a flu is easy? well, it is NOW.

Humans cause problems, but at the same time they try to fix them. Then some new problems arise, but humans are always paying attention. And the clock is moving faster than ever, and more solutions will be found. And more problems will arise.

Good or bad, humans will come up with a solution. If it means the biological beings eventually dying and humans making their way with technology and robots, that’s still a solution. Sounds scary, but, what would a person from the 18 century say about the internet?

scary stuff

When asked in what time would I want to reborn if I had the chance to, I would l say: Now, or maybe even: In The Future.

May the past stay very far from me.


Do you think the past was any better? When? and How?

If not, What do you think was the worst that has been left behind?


I’ll leave you with another one of the incredibly retarded flash animations that give me one-hour laughing fits every time.

The End of The World.


8 thoughts on “The World is Getting Better Everyday, and so is my life.

  1. i think in whatever era we live, there are pros and cons. in fact, every single thing has its pros and cons. it’s up to us to choose which perspective to look at it, though some sides may be more appealing to do factors like environment, mentality, etc.

    wow, you should write more stuff that’s nothing to do with you. that was fun and nice to read! πŸ˜€ or um, you could still write those depression posts, sometimes i find it fun to read too. sometimes.

    *trying to dislodge foot in mouth*

  2. keep posting your depressing stuff, as the world today is crap and needs to realise it πŸ˜›

    i accept your opinion and can see what you mean, however, i think i’d prefer to live away from this modern world… in a rainforest or something, but, oh yeah, we keep cutting them down, don’t we?

    i don’t know about many other places but i don’t like the uk, in that we just sit in front of our various screens every day waiting for data to update itself. its pathetic and a waste in my opinion. i like the idea of taking what you need and no more from a sustainable refreshing environment.

    overpopulation is the last thing we need in this new world, and the only thing we’ll get out of it.

  3. I don’t think this world is crap. I actually quite like it.

    I think everything will be better. Even the problems you mention are probably going to be solved, and more will be created. Humanity is like a person, and we’re still teenagers. But as annoying as teenage life can be, it’s also a transition to great possibilities. We’ll see what happens.

    Even when I’m depressed, I don’t tend to feel the world is crap. I usually feel too little to take on the world. Like if natural selection worked its way, I would just not deserve to exist.

    But the world itself, I rarely attack, probably never. I like the world.

    Well, I live close to a rainforest. I would not like to live IN a rainforest. Worst thing for the health if you’re not a monkey or a parrot.

  4. it is meant is to be a compliment! in a foot-in-mouth way. i thought you knew me well… *hurt*

    hahaha. :mrgreen:

    (i know what you mean about your personal posts. i have to whine about my blogging block too, for some strange reason it helps; like a plunger for my blocked mind.)

  5. On the one hand, I agree with you: when I hear people say things like “I would not want to bring a child into this terrible world!” I want to tell them that people did not think this way in the fourteenth century when life was defined by plagues and war. And, for sure, we’re definitely smelling better with everyday! We’ve made a lot of advances in sanitation.

    On the other hand, we’ve assumed that if we raise the standard of living then we’ll increase our chances of happiness but that doesn’t seem to be the case and so you have people “downsizing”.

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