The most perfect color

When I was little I thought that maybe colors weren’t real as such, they were just a perception.  Maybe all humans share the same favorite color.  Who is to say my purple isn’t your blue? I could see green and you see red when in fact it’s the same exact color being perceived differently.

After trying to open my mind so much it physically hurt, I realized that if the above paragraph is true, it would mean that all humans for some reason share a unique favorite color.

It’s easier and more logical to conceive that all humans just like different colors, that are truly, different colors.

It doesn’t mean I am saying perceptions cannot differ, but I was wrong when thinking a different “perception” would affect whether I see green or blue.

Instead a different perception is what will make me feel all fuzzy in the inside when I see something purple, while Sulz might say “uggh” at the same object.

That stopped me from thinking my purple might be your orange.

That and finding out about wavelengths.


5 thoughts on “The most perfect color

  1. Just to give you an idea of how much I like colours . . . my favourite clothes, regular objects, or furniture are either black or white. My favourite wall paint? Dark grey. If you are looking for a colour explosion, just visit my blog and observe the layout and banner–or my avatar for that matter.

    I tolerate most colours. The only colours that I cannot stand are red, brown or yellowish-brown. This means that I truly despise wooden furniture.

    What is your take on patterns? I possess an intolerance for them. So, even if wood is dark, if I can still detect patterns, it is like nails on a chalkboard. Being stuck in a log cabin or any room with an abundance of patterns would be a nightmare. People sporting fabrics with patterns are aesthetically appalling.

    Perhaps my distaste for patterns has to do with my ability to easily detect them. This may be why I prefer metal sculptures that appear chaotic, or glass without patterns (no stained glass windows), smooth metal, rock surfaces without obvious distinguishing marks and so forth.

    My tastes in environment and clothing are minimalist and utilitarian.

    By the way, my favourite photograph from your banner is the field and forest on the left side.

  2. I absolutely love colors, which is not the same as to say that I like rainbows and clowns and flowers everywhere. Well, I do like rainbows and clowns and some flowers. NOT TOGETHER. But colors are still a big part of me; I dream in color, I was able to tell what a color mixture was composed of since I was 3.

    Take a look at my blog. I don’t think I like it that much, but it’s tolerable for me; a big unique color -black, with hints of colors; purple and Orange. Opposite colors are pleasant for me to look at.

    I love images that play with saturation, I like contrasts, I like strong colors surrounded by more submissive ones. I do not like patterns at all, although I can tolerate them if they’re mixed with shapes or contrasts that make them less regular and plain.

    Patterns are too regular and most of them remind me of old times, maybe because my grandmas are all about patterns: their tiles, their dresses, their knitting creations.

    In images I like asymetry, chaos that still looks pleasant, just like in music I like certain dissonance.

    For an example of my visual tastes, take a look at this picture. It wouldn’t make an all-time-favorite, but I found it just now and thought it was very pleasant. There’s some symetry but it’s broken by the hair on the left and the running lipstic and the finger on the right. There are very strong colors on the eyes and the lips while the rest of the image is more submissive although equally important for the picture: The hair frames the face perfectly, but when the eyes take us to the center, the nose doesn’t give us too much to hold on to, so we jump to the eyes and the lips. There’s a nice tint, although the reds and the green eyes still pop, in a very smooth way.

    I like desaturated images that keep some zones of color. Sadly, this effect has been overused lately and it’s become kind of repetitive.

    If the image doesn’t have colors at all, then the contrast, the light on the shapes and the use of perspective is what gets me the most.

    I can’t say I am minimalistic neither in my things nor in my clothes. I might be guilty of getting cluttered with lots of potential visually pleasant things, and never actually use them.

  3. I am not particularly fond of rainbows. I prefer dark stormy skies instead. I do not like clowns as there is nothing minimalist about them and tend to wear horrendous patterns and mismatch of colours–especially red. Moreover, their extreme over-excitement makes them seem as if they are on drugs. I did not care for them as a child either. As for flowers . . . unless I am being given a white or black rose, I would rather receive a cactus.

    I like desaturated images as well. Although, I like it better when only subtly brighter colours are used to draw focus to specific parts of the image instead of bright colours. You could say I appreciate subtlety in art. If it is too obvious, it seems too crude for me. Well done lighting effects are a powerful method of drawing me to an image as well.

    Looking at all the items in your bedroom makes me laugh at our stark differences. I still find all the pink and abundance of items in your bedroom funny. By contrast, my bedroom has only essential items. I should add that on top of having minimalist and utilitarian tastes, I also enjoy sophistication.

    As for your first link, I like the colour of the eyes for the female, but not their excessive size. The childishness of the face is almost like a caricature. Many find child-like features attractive, such as large eyes and lips, but I am the exception. The exaggerated eyelashes remind me too much of a clown. They lack sophistication. Since I do not like the colours yellow and red, the blond hair and lips are unbecoming. The smudge is amateurish. Perhaps if it had been dark paint, ink, or ash it would be more artistic.

    I like the simplicity of shading and objects in the second link. The solitude combined with the tears and posture of the girl effectively and subtly convey emotion.

    For a visual of my artistic preferences, I decided to make a blog entry about it which can be viewed here.

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