My Room Reloaded

On new years, I decided my room sucked. It was hot and had no ventilation and… sucked. REMEMBER?

I moved it somewhere else, with a big window and more light.

I loved the new location, just loved it.

But I still felt it wasn’t enough!

So I redecorated it. (Yes in that order… I moved things first, THEN I realized I wanted to redecorate so I had to move everything back to have the room up for painting and other stuff).

I spent like a month painting, repairing the walls, the windows, the furniture. It was nothing much but I finished! I HAVE A PURPLE ROOM NOW!

Before you ask, It didn’t took me THAT long. I actually finished around February, but I never got to post the AFTER pictures!

So here they are!

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6 thoughts on “My Room Reloaded

  1. i don’t like purple, but it looks better than when the walls were white! i always thought white walls look very sterile. and it is a nice shade of purple. didn’t know that’s your favourite colour! the room looks brand new and cosier. 🙂

  2. Your room looks really nice.

    I think I’m gonna do something like this, I mean, take some pictures of me room and post them… maybe later 😉

  3. Yay for purple rooms! My living room is purple and I love it…come to think of it, just about everywhere I’ve lived in the last few years has ended up with a purple living room and red bedroom.

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