A beauty with a sad ending.

My baby bird with no name.

2 days ago, we found a baby bird (a Black-billed Trush) that was lost and had fallen from its nest. We took it home, and spent a nice couple of days with him. It was hard to feed, but all the time it was really playful and active, and spent his time hopping around the house and flying very low, and making us crazy with his little chirpping sounds. I’m known for taking in baby birds, caring for them and releasing when they’re able to take care on their own. This one was a kind I never took care of before, but it was adorable and healthy and seemed to like humans.

This afternoon, he got sick. There was no warning, he just started to sleep a lot, didn’t make a sound, and slowly became lethargic and could barely keep his eyes open. There was no time to even consider taking it to a vet. I rehydrated it, kept him warm and he responded slowly, opened his eyes more and seemed interested in the surroundings. I gave him something to eat. He accepted it. It looked like he was out of danger. Unfortunately, some minutes later he opened his eyes widely, seizured and fell on its back.

A short life. It is hard for babies out in the nature.

Good night baby with no name.

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6 thoughts on “A beauty with a sad ending.

  1. Aww nessy, that’s so sad. 😦

    I found a baby bird last year, remember on my DA? The good thing was, there was another bird flying down and taking care of it. So, it should have been ok. πŸ™‚

  2. and i thought you were kidding when you sent me that water globe! i didn’t know you take care of animals like that, wow. i think it takes a kind of person to be able to care for animals because either way you’ll have to let them go, whether to life or to death… so sorry to see the cute little bird like that. 😦

  3. It’s like the first bird which lived for a bit but couldn’t fly. It went from dazed to jumping around within and hour but when they can’t fly they get eaten 😦 x

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