I lost my post.

I lost my post.

I made a new post about 15 minutes ago, clicked on “Publish”, it said it was sucessfully posted, so I opened my blog in a new tab. First I looked around other tabs in my firefox, and clicked back on my blog tab to see the results.

The new post was not there.

I did not write it in my word processor this time because it was a short post.

The only different thing I did was unchecking the box for “Allow Comments”.

I can’t find it anywhere. It was called “Personal Victory”.

I lost my post.

EDIT: Found it.

I’m ALWAYS using my word processor from now on.

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3 thoughts on “I lost my post.

  1. i want to say i can relate to this…


    i mean-

    maybe if you replace the word ‘post’ with ‘dog’ i’d understand the despair better lol nevertheless, i’m glad you found your post safe and well 🙂

  2. Yeah about 8 years ago… It’s a good story actually.

    He was at my aunty’s house to stay with his sister, while we were on holiday, and went missing while we called to see if everything was OK, but my Aunty said everything was fine of course! Anyway, they went out for hours searching for him, and when they got back he was sitting on the doorstep of their house, which he’d never been to previously before, just obediently waitng there as if nothing had happened.

    He was a very intelligent dog, unlike his neice who we now own unfortunately, and whose vet bills probably cost more than our house by now lol. Oh well.

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