Life annoyances and a sequel that doesn’t suck.

Me: Still avoiding. Pretty much everything.

But the weekend is here. Weekends are refreshing.

My flu is also still here.

Anyway, while searching around my computer, found an image I saved a while ago, and I’m not sure where I got it, but it’s kinda what I feel when going to my psychiatrist appointment.

Replace the word “Depressed” with “Crazy” and you’ll have it. It is really not helpful, my medication is. I wish I could get my prescription without having to spend time with Ms. Shrink.  I have had holidays coming next week, but seeing as I missed all these days at work this week, I’d be kinda ridiculous to expect that I still have the right to those holidays. 😦

But hey, the brightside is that I at least had holidays to trade to begin with.

On other news, I’ve been having fun with some sequels. Not of movies, but flash animations.

Ever seen the awesome, “Animator vs Animation” by the awesome Alan Becker? (Original) FLASH /YOUTUBE (Faster)

What about the less awesome, but so “wtf” that it makes it awesome “Charlie the Unicorn”?. FLASH/ YOUTUBE

Most people think Charlie the Unicorn is retarded, so I won’t blame you if you feel the same. But if you see me suddenly laugh out of nowhere, for no reason, chances are it might be something retarded like that.


But, Animator vs Animation IS truly genious.

So here are the sequels:

Animator Vs Animator 2 The Flash or…

Charlie the Unicorn 2 The Flash or…

Of course nothing beats a good End of the World…

Ok, that’s all.

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