South Park

So I am again procrastinating, and on top of that, I’m sick. It was raining today and my throat started to close and stuff… so I stayed at home. (Need to take advantage of the times I can do it! Normally, an intern can never just “stay home”), if you’re not dying in a ICU, you can work.

So I went to this site to make a South Park version of myself.

About three years ago, this is what I got:

And this is it now.

( I made the new one not remembering I had an old one). Apparently I like this particular necklace.


Finally, my character was feeling too alone, so I decided to turn one of my blog friends into south park too.

Wanna guess who this is?

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12 thoughts on “South Park

  1. Yes I agree, Sulz looks adorable! I made a few attempts with people I know, but this one looked so cute that I had to post it.

    Haha this had a good response, lots of people have made their characters… we can have our own south park show!

  2. Nessa wrote:
    Huh? Does have to do with the symbol? Because I don’t think I’m familiar with it.

    The necklace bears a sun, which is a Pagan symbol. It is meant to represent ‘life’, ‘strength,’ and ‘purity of existence.’

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