Lately… I’m an airhead. And a cheap Stripper.

I’ve been working less but I feel much more tired for some reason… haven’t been thinking too much, just doing. Doing stuff makes me tired, and talking with lots of people is draining…

I’ve noticed my latest entries are not too cheery. But they’re not representive of the whole thing. I’ve been alright, not too excited, but not down, just the normal life, tired and routineish, which sucks but it’s not like I’m in a low or anything. My family is alright, my internmates have proved to be much worth of being called friends than I thought they would be. My already close friends are still close, and everyday closer. I’m getting fat, which is awesome. HAHA.

ANYWAY, I’m not getting you bored with this stuff… instead I’ll get you bored with other things. I found this meme online and though it was interesting, so here’s the thing:

Meme 1: Google (your name) looks like”

I tried it because I was bored… but the results made me giggle. More than 2 years ago, I had fun with a similar meme.


  1. Nessa looks like a girl who knows what she’s doing
  2. I need to shut up because Nessa looks like she’s going to kill me
  3. nessa looks like death in that pic. look at her face!
  4. Nessa looks like a dream come true
  5. Nessa looks like a teenaged Asian hooker.
  6. nessa looks like one of the olsen twins
  7. Nessa looks like she’s going to give those naughty girls a stern talking to.
  8. Nessa looks like she could take on just about anybody..

This time though, I thought the ones with VANESSA were more interesting.

  1. Vanessa looks like she could touch you and youd burst into flames shes so freakin sexxxxyy!!!!
  2. I think Vanessa looks like a monkey. Her face is strange looking.
  3. Vanessa looks like she would be the grown up version of the girl in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
  4. Vanessa looks like a big wide ass square in the dress.
  5. Vanessa looks like she works in an Asian massage palor. She’s known to be a ho and that’s why Nick likes her.
  6. Vanessa looks like someone has just taken their dick out of her mouth and is about to come in her face. o.O
  7. Vanessa…looks like a cheap stripper.
  8. Vanessa looks like a badly wrapped Christmas gift
  9. Vanessa looks like she’s really flexible.
  10. Vanessa looks like she hasn’t eaten for days and giving her pizza a really big bite and munches it with much gusto.
  11. Vanessa looks like a “fake” white woman.
  12. Vanessa looks like her mom, Angela. (funny that it is actually my mother’s name)
  13. Vanessa looks like she will soon be on the next cover of playboy.
  14. Vanessa looks like something you’d see either on the ice or in a ballroom.
  15. Vanessa looks like a blow-up doll. (I actually got this some days ago because of a funny picture.)
  16. Vanessa looks like any other girl, except that she comes from Venus. Vanessa can do magic with one twirl of her finger.
  17. Vanessa looks like a 7 year old child.
  18. Vanessa looks like a mexican whore.
  19. Vanessa looks like Gollum with long hair.
  20. Vanessa looks like a man so hideous and scary.
  21. Vanessa looks like she’s been run over by a truck.


This is courtesy of my name-twins: Vanessa Carlton, Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Williams, Vanessa (from Gossip Girl), Vanessa Minillo.

Sorry girls, the spotlight sucks. (I’m glad I’m not famous.)

Vanessa Looks like this:

In Japanese.

And finally…

Vanessa looks like she is ready for bed.

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3 thoughts on “Lately… I’m an airhead. And a cheap Stripper.

  1. Hehehe. Those quotes are very amusing. I did a search on “Satoru looks like” and the results are nowhere near as interesting as yours.

    – “Well, Satoru, looks like you’ve finally become comfortable with your sexuality.”
    – “Satoru looks like a member of the family.”
    – “Satoru looks like about 30.”

  2. Well, it helps much to be named like one celebrity or two. People are always saying harsh stuff about celebrities. I’m surprised you even found material for “Satoru”.

    I’m also surprised about your comment. It’s unusually short and non deep.

    Awesome. HAHA.

  3. Well, every now and then, my mind short circuits. But, as rumour has it, given some of my inclinations and supposed escapades, it is a wonder it is still operational.

    If I spoke Japanese, I would no doubt unearth more truths about Satoru. Fear not, however, it seems that my activities have been more extensively documented when I am the other half of my name.


    -“Vash looks like a marvel character.”
    -“Vash looks like he has something to say, very surprised.”
    -“Vash looks like Jesus these days, true story.”
    -“Vash looks like the Diablo.”
    -“Vash looks like walking death.”
    -“Vash looks like a Turtle in green. He has got to stop wearing green.”
    -“Vash looks like his womanizing self.”

    At first, these truths appear to be contradictory—such as being Jesus and el Diablo all in one. Fortunately, one need only exercise superior logic skills to exterminate the illusion. The documented incident took place on Halloween. Clad in black robes, I was the anti-Christ and with each step, I walked death. This was not enough for me. To the surprise of others, I had something to say.

    The event was so prophetic, it almost seemed to many as if I were a fictional character sprung forth from the pages of a thick, long winded, novel, written during the Bronze Age. Like moths to a flame, the worshipers gathered, trying to tear pieces of my black robes for keepsake. That some claim my garments were green is a testament of their deep delusions, no doubt a result of the generously discounted and rampantly available hallucinatory drugs at the event.

    To end with the astute words of one of the worshipers . . . true story.

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