Presenting my blogroll and some link love

I’ve been a little weird lately. Uninspired to blog, uninspired to comment, and even uninspired to read. I have a lot of blog duties that I haven’t done.

So, to make up for that I will:

1. Give you something to read if you’re looking for it, even if my blog itself doesn’t offer it.

2. Spread some link love to the blogs I seem to have abandoned, but I haven’t. I’m just in a weird mood.

3. Tell you all, and myself, what are the blogs I read, and why I like them so much. Who knows! Maybe you can discover something.

Alphabet Order – Just like WordPress does. Originally I wanted to make it chronological order, but I can’t remember when I added who. So here we go. ABC… and all that.

EDIT:  I have created a PAGE where I keep my blogroll information updated.


5 thoughts on “Presenting my blogroll and some link love

  1. wow, thank you for the most wonderful review! 😀 *hugs* hey, i’ll tell you my name the next time we e-mail each other. i do that when i e-mail my readers for whatever reasons, but sometimes i forget to leave my name. 😛 i guess sulz is the alter ego i’m so familiar with that i forget people don’t even know my name.

  2. With your flattery you really spoil my ego you know. I can’t handle this praise too well (giggle suppressed behind hand in dainty fashion).

    But no, thanks. And apologies for not having a blogroll to return love with. I don’t understand why, but something bothers me about them. And mine would be so oversized and difficult to maintain (and I’d feel bad about leaving people out) that I can’t really be bothered.

    Suffice to say that you’d be on it, for you are a delight of original thought. Indeed.

    (Also I trust your taste enough to have just added everyone on your list to my blog surfer, just to mix things up a bit, and without having read any of it so far. Silly me.)

  3. It’s rather ironic but it does seem like whenever you’re up, then I’m down and vice versa. Right now, I’m awesome, and you’re…not so awesome. This is actually a good thing, I think, because we can pull each other out of the dark hole of depression. Can you imagine if we were both in a low? We wouldn’t be very helpful!

    It’s true, I am sometimes naive, mostly due to lack of experience. I’m sure in a decade I’ll be jaded! lol



    p.s. I finally finished classes! Freeeedom!!!!!!!! I’ll contact you later today and catch you up on all that’s been happening.

  4. I have a 7 day break!!! Freedom for me too!!!!

    Thanks for commenting guys. I’m so in love with my blogroll. Hehehhe.

    Alex, don’t worry about not having a blogroll, I don’t have mine just to be corresponded. I have mine… well it started as a way to make it easy for me to keep up with the reading as it’s a list right there for me to click.

    But I kept it even after discovering RSS feeds. Because I’ve found some really cool blogs by clicking on someone else’s blogroll when I’m bored, and WHOA, GOLD!

    So, maybe someone can also find something interesting in my blogroll. Who knows. 🙂

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