Memes and Lazyness

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Reading: Sin Remedio – Antonio Caballero

Doing: Answering memes she wasn’t tagged for, instead of sleeping.


1. I watched my first movie in a cinema when I was 6 years old. “The little Mermaid”. From that age on, until I was about 18, I only watched 8 movies in a Cinema. It was crappy and expensive, and at the time it was much better to stay in and watch VCR movies with friends at home. Right now we’ve got Cinemark, with huge screens, air conditioning, pop corn and comfy chairs, so I’m a regular visitor of the cinema rooms now. It hurts the pocket, the wallet, the purse… but it’s nice. Last one I watched: 10000 years BC.

2. My biggest movie pet peeve is to have people complaining about the movie while they’re watching it; to have people giving spoilers, even irrelevant ones; and in general, anything that ruins the movie experience.

3. As with a book, I tend to get really inside the movie. I even forget I exist while I’m immersed in it. I always stay some minutes confused after it ends…

4. I love visual movies with great photography, color selection, image secuences…. even if the movie itself is not that awesome. I love Kill Bill and 300 mainly because of the great visual design than because of the storyline itself.

5. I can enjoy not so good movies as long as I can get really into the movie and get emotional reactions from it and lots of laugher. Example: 50 First dates. Only movie I’ve cried at. I thought it was aweful to lose your memory every day, I felt like Lucy and how it would be like to be her…  and all the lameness.

6. In order to enjoy the movies, I sometimes let myself be tricked by it as long as I get nice surprises. One time, while watching a horror/suspense movie, my friends were all trying hard go guess who the assassin was. I didn’t! I wanted to be tricked, I wanted to be surprised in the end. I get no satisfaction from “ahh I knew it”. I get satisfaction from surprise. So, even if I could guess if I really tried, I suppress that part of my brain during the movie for enjoyement sake.

7. In general, my concept of how much I like a movie tends to be very different from most of the people I know. I can find awesomeness in “crappy movies” and I can deeply dislike a popular one. But don’t we all think that?

8. AFTER the movie is over, and I’ve sucessfully enjoyed it, THEN the analyzing starts. Next time I watch it I’ll be thinking about the effects, how they do this, that, how another camera angle would have been better, how that scene would look better in black and white, or a close up instead of a panoramic view…. I think about the actors, how it would be like if I could watch a bit of what happens after “CUT” has been shouted. Actors doing a sad, crying scene… would probably laugh afterwards?, or are they affected enough… how do they get in and out of character? How do they get along in real life?, and that guy in the monster costume… is he cute? and random weird stuff like that.

9. I tend not to like long historical or biographical movies with lots of social content. My interest in movies is to entertain myself, not so much to study. If it’s not entertaining for me, I will most likely fall asleep making my “intellectual” friends think I’m stupid. HAHA. I tend to like HORROR, SUSPENSE, and I have a love for COMEDIES! I’m still discovering the latter because I didn’t know I liked them so much!

10. Can’t do movie marathons well. After a movie, I need to digest it.  I need time to process it.   I need time to go back on scenes if possible.  TIME.

Well, that’s all.

Goood meme.  Do it, it’s fun.

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2 thoughts on “Memes and Lazyness

  1. Hey, how r you now? And how was 10, 000 bc?

    I agree with you on point 2. I hate that too. 3 as well. I know what being immersed means. We have point 8 in common too.

    As for 6, I too prefer to be surprised in a movie, but I can deaden the part of my brain that can sometimes successfully guess it. 😦

    We differ on 9. But you kinda contradict yourself. You don’t like historical drama. But you like visual movies. Historical movies have great visuals. You liked historical movies as 300 for the reason. What’s say?

    Btw, what is a movie marathon?

  2. Movie Marathon: Watching more than 3 movies in a row, usually with a group of people.

    10000 bc was.. alright. To be honest I didn’t like it much. Very expectable, and I kinda fell asleep at some point. But people seemed to like it a lot.

    My brain likes to cheat and think a lot too and many times I end up guessing what’s going to happen. It takes work to suppress it, but sometimes it’s sucessful.

    I don’t think I’m contradicting myself on 9, I just didn’t state my point well.

    I don’t like 300 for any historical thing, I like it because it kept me entertained. Most historical or biographical things tend to be more serious and precise (less colourful details)… My biggest example was probably once when my university brought a marathon about movies of the II World War. Important subject, but I fell asleep and daydreamed a lot during the functions….

    I don’t want these movies to change. I just don’t enjoy watching them.

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