Fun Times in a Fun World.

Mood: busy/annoyed/unspired. All due to long day at work and general stress.

Reading: A Short Story I was sent Online. Fun World by William Routhier.

Listening to: “Falling Again” – Lacuna Coil. I enjoy the band sometimes, but it’s not my favorite one. Now, this especific song, is another thing. I absolutely love it. Don’t relate deeply with the lyrics, but the lyrics + the sounds cause one of those wavelength sync moments… the effect is impossible to describe right now. I would say it’s like being high, except I’ve never been high. But It’s like I imagine being high would be, minus the hallucinations and the laugher. And it’s not even the whole song, it’s a part of it. Darn.

Now you wish I had just said “I like this song.”

Anyway. Thinking of: My trip to Bogota last week. I finally bought a 1GB SD memory card, so I don’t have the limitation of taking only 7 to 10 pictures at a time… which means that: I took pics of anything moving or still and of things that are irrelevant or unfunny to the general public. But I won’t bother you with that… so much.

I left the random, people pictures for Facebook so they can laugh at them, I’m sure you have no interest on watching random people drooling at a hamburger after a long day. You can go to your local restaurant and see a bunch of those scenes yourself.

For blogging, I went with the Tourist-Like pictures: less playing around and more about creating tangible-ish memories of things seen to compensate a lousy memory and create the illusion of being able to enter those memories everytime you see the pictures.

Care to join me relive it? Follow the chocolate rabbit…



9 thoughts on “Fun Times in a Fun World.

  1. haha, the chocolate rabbit is very familiar… πŸ˜‰

    the park is so gorgeous! i think parks are wonderful places to be like, really early in the morning, while it’s still cold and misty, and you walk around with a friend or boyfriend until the sun rises… πŸ˜›

    omg, the library is absolutely gorgeous… my country’s national library is not even close to being as good as that.

    the only thing that reminds me of colombia is this one former miss colombia who ended up being miss universe… my mom recorded the beauty pageant and as a kid i would watch it again and again and again, along with the other years recorded too, haha.

  2. I went to the British Library the other day. Lovely and interesting, but not as gorgeous as that. The whole city looks amazing. I must add it to my long list of places to visit.

    Lie berries are amazing places. I love working in one, even though it’s often quite shitty. I just got promoted though. I’m now responsible (for three months) for running all the homework clubs and stuff for school kids. Education, lie berries, helping the public, helping support the youth and all that jazz. Just found out today. Kinda bursting with excitement and fear. It’s a pretty high up job, way above my current level, so I don’t know if I can do it.

    Scared but excited.

  3. Sulz,

    Haha why do you know the chocolate rabbit, huh? huh?

    People use to go to that park to walk or jog very early in the morning, before they start working. It must be nice, I want to do it someday. Neiva has no parks like that, so I will have to go back to Bogota or somewhere else. πŸ™‚

    The library is the prettiest library I have ever seen in life or tv, or photos, or anything. It’s not the biggest though. Bogota has many many libraries, one of them is so huge you can find virtually almost anything. But the content of the pretty one is also great as I could see, and it has lots of technology, and media rooms, and automatic book borrowing with a machine instead of a person and it’s built in a way the daylight illuminates the whole thing, lowering the need of artificial light… gorgeous…

    Haha it is weird that you’ve heard of Colombia because of the Miss Universe. I have never been too into the pageants, but my mom used to talk about that one… my mom, and the media of course.


    What are Lie Berries? Never heard of them?. Is it anything like a library? I didn’t know you liked working with kids, that’s nice. _

    You should indeed come to Colombia someday, it has great places to visit that I’m just starting to discover. And don’t worry about the safety.

    And about your new job, congratulations! If it’s hard, it means it’s a challenge, and it’s going to be thought at first, but you’ll get the hang of it and then you’ll enjoy it. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  4. you know, one day I arrived to that place. But I didn’t talk to you much then, so I didn’t do anything. And right now I can’t find it. It was on the times you had that Daria blog.

  5. Lie Berry = Library, only in my vaguely infantile way of doing things. I like playing with word sounds. Apparently.

    Anyway, I work in one, have done for over a year now. I’ve just been promoted to ‘Study Support Manager’. Which is my first time really working with kids, and it’s more managing the people who do the work with the kids, if that makes sense. My lie berry is nice, but not as nice as that one, and once you work in a place you tend to notice its shortcomings more (which means I no longer like my building apart from from the outside at the front. Plus it’s all eco friendly, which is nice).

    Anyway, new job = scary. Real responsibility, and it pays enough that I have to take it very seriously and be really, really good.

    This is all scary, but theoretically within my abilities.


  6. Ahh no wonder I didn’t understand it… I have a dissociation with Spoken and writen Language… I don’t think of the word sounds while I read… it’s faster, but then, this happens.

  7. you know, one day I arrived to that place. But I didn’t talk to you much then, so I didn’t do anything. And right now I can’t find it.

    eh? *puzzled*

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