Going on vacations and other random happenings

You should die of an over-sized pineapple being shoved up your sphincter!

Insult of the day. Works like a charm.


I’ve decided I don’t want to spend my awesome 8 day holiday in Neiva, the hottest and wettest hole in earth… but not an enjoyable one.

Instead I will travel 6 hours to the north and find the awesome coolness of Bogota, the main and biggest city in Colombia. Even though it’s so close, I’ve only been there twice: For a week when I was two, and for another week when I was 13. Even though Neiva is considered a city, and has a big population (almost 400000 people), I’m still considered a “Townie”. Let’s face it, Neiva IS a town. Bogota in the other hand, is a full city.

^Pretty pictures of Bogota

Will not be all alone, but in any case I have maps with me, and a list of possible fun events with places, prices, and a great sense of spacial orientation (yes it’s not an ability exclusive of men like some say, if you still think so, refer to the first line in this post.).

Just for the hell of it, I will tell you exactly where I will be in the next two or 3 days:

Milky way –> Solar System –> Planet Earth. Are you with me?

Zoom up to Southamerica –> Colombia


BOGOTA –> Google Earth map of the Sector I’ll stay in + another pretty picture.


Hopefully I’ll be taking pictures of my own… although my camera doesn’t have a memory card and only fits like 10 pictures. And there’s the added factor that I can’t fly, so I won’t get such pretty landscapes. Bummer.

Oh well, that’s all for now!

Just to keep going with adding images found in the internet, here is another one for your amusement. Don’t click if your underage… don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Homer, how many donnuts will you eat!

It’s awesome… genious. I’d personally wouldn’t do that in the first place because I don’t like tatoos… and… ouch. But… genious. GENIOUS.

Okay, see ya.





4 thoughts on “Going on vacations and other random happenings

  1. wow, colombia is sure one long country… where are you living at now?

    that is one gross tattoo! if it were semi-permanent that’s kinda funny… but not for me.

    enjoy your holidays! looking forward to some pictures. πŸ˜€

  2. Colombia is not long… what do you mean?

    HAHAHA, yeah, that tatoo is one of those things you like to point and laugh at, but never do to youself.

    I swear I almost die laughing at that.

    Will have lots of pictures (Buying a memory card!)

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