Puberty Peaks

One day, Sulz was refering to how her blog was entering middle age because the stats curve was stabilizing. Can’t link because I can’t find such post right now. 😛

Two months ago or so, the curve was pretty much a flat line, stabilized around 30 readers a day. Probably too early to call it middle age, but following a similar trend. Now, how would you call the opposite?

Apparently my blog is a teenager lately. I’ve been taking snapshots of the stats curve for a few weeks, and just because I thought they looked cool. But they keep on having these HUGE peaks and lows.

Don’t know what will happen later, but this is a cool age.




On other news. I went out last night. KARAOKE! Will have pictures soon.


4 thoughts on “Puberty Peaks

  1. you mean this post? 😉

    your stats remind me of mood swings! or those thingies that record your heartbeat – that’s how it’ll look like when you’re out on a date with a guy you like, hehe…

  2. Mid-Blogging Crisis! Yay, thank you!

    Yeah, my blog is having the mood swings of a little teenage girl.

    As for the EKG thing…. it would be the trace of a nearly dead person. 😛

    I hope my blog is not going to be nearly dead soon!

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