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Part 2. The Current Issues

I complain a lot about living here. I’m not patriotic, but I don’t think I would be patriotic no matter where I was born or lived. It’s not because I hate this place per se. Patriotism brings an issue about political barriers that people adopt as their own many times losing perspective on the problems it causes. I won’t get into that right now.

I haven’t suddenly become more patriotic because problems have arised and I’m going to “stand up for my country”. I’m giving my point of view, as biased as any other person immersed in the conflict with no academic degrees in Politics or anything similar, but trying to remain as objective as possible. If I haven’t mentioned it, my whole interest on bringing out my views about political issues in my blog has been inspired by the latests happenings related to this area of the world.

I’ll provide links if you want to read about it, but I’ll make a quick summary if you don’t feel like going through it all. For people in here, this is so old, so all over the place, that I probably don’t need to explain, but for readers who live at the other side of the world, this whole thing could have been completely unheard of (except for what is shown in Collateral Damage and such -refer to link on top).

Basically, Colombia is now facing serious disputes with previously “friend” countries (Mainly Venezuela and Ecuador), plus a lot of other countries that take sides for this or that reason. Lately it feels like we’re on the edge of actual war.

War? Hasn’t Colombia been in war for like forever?. Not really. 50 years of civil conflict, dangers and definitely not peace, but actual war, no. 50 years ago, a group was created to rebel against the government. So far, so good. Unfortunately, it seems like the ideals got tangled up. Nothing against the goverment has been acomplished so far (I still have thousands of inconformities regarding that part!), but the “solution” was far from beneficial. Slowly the Guerrillas that were about ideals and defending the people from the dirty hands of the government, became the agressors, the drug dealers, the mine planters, the bomb setters, the killers, the terrorists. They don’t fight against the government anymore although they claim that’s what they’re doing. They only attack people. The term “terrorists” has been questioned lately, but in my opinion, that’s the only word I could give to them.

So yes, annoying things have been happening, towns have gotten bombed, lots of people dead or missing body parts, hard to freely travel around the country side because of security issues; it can be done easily, but the risk, although remote, feels too high to take for most people.

Ironically, despite the violence we’re under, Colombians tend to be pretty nice people, family and community oriented, cheerful and helpful. In general, I like Colombian people. Knowing that and many other things, it makes me feel a little bad to see the image portrayed internationally. Which leads me to ask you. When someone refers to “Colombia”, what are the things that come to your mind in that moment? What is the image people where you live usually have?

ANYWAY. We were talking about Colombia harvesting Terrorists. Terrorist causing drug and violence problems. Problems causing more problems in other parts of the world.

Some military actions have been taken trying to dismantle the terrorists groups. One of them, resulted in the death of the 2nd biggest leader of FARC, the biggest guerrilla group in here. The problem, colombian military had to go into Ecuador to get him. Ecuador didn’t present any complaints at the moment. But then someone else enters the scene:

Hugo Chavez – President of Venezuela.

Now, I don’t like our president much, but what’s up with this guy? He just blurts out whatever happens to be passing by his thick head at any given moment. Hours and hours of overopinionated, biast, instigating and absolutist chatter with no structure, backup or thougths on consequences. At one moment he was accused of being mentally insane. I won’t comment more on that. He always reminds me of a guy that keeps going into the Grunge Forums talking about Anarchy all over the place all by himself.

He decided that the fact that Colombian forces had to go into Ecuatorian territory to get this big fish, was much more serious than the fact that the terrorists got a big hit from this action. He said it was a “WAR CRIME”. Then the president of Ecuador agreed and the problem became one of enormous proportions.

My biggest concern though is how these countries are claiming the Guerrillas are NOT terrorist, but merely an oposition force against the imperialism and capitalism, and such. It first was subtle, and Chavez kept on saying he was neutral in the subject. But…

When two important politicians were liberated back in January, he was claimed as a great help, because of his mediation in the process. True, until he himself revealed his affinity with the Guerrillas. Ever since, hes’ been openly claiming that the FARC should not be called Terrorists anymore. Then Ecuador joined him.

Why was the big fish in Ecuador living all happy? Are they helping them? If, so, when is all this going to end? And more, using Colombia’s damaged image, will they convince everyone that is them who are right?

They have placed military troops all over the border, like Colombia had an infection needed to be contained. Colombia will not provoke them, as the minister of defense has stated. They keep on claiming it all started because of Colombia getting inside Ecuador to catch the big fish. Although going into another country with no permission is bad, I think it’s just another excuse to justify that Colombia is evil and everything against it is justified.











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