From A Colombian…

By the way, it’s Colombia, not Columbia.

I classify my views on politics as “Apathetic”. Most of the times the whole thing about the conflict in Colombia, and for that matter, in any part of the world, is so complicated and annoying and hopeless that I don’t feel like getting into that. It would require a lot of knowledge for throwing in an opinion that makes sense (not like everyone has a lot of knowledge, but they yell anyway). And most of the times, whatever choice of politician A or B will make no difference in my opinion, so why bother spending my brain fuel on that.

To be honest, the situation in Colombia feels so incredibly hopeless for me most of the times, that all I’ve been trying to do – as far as my memory goes, is to selfishly go away, and belong to a place where I might have a better future. Any chance of making things better in here might only happen generations from now, and it means that I will probably be dead from old age when it happens. Being a person who doesn’t believe in after life, and doesn’t plan to have children, a solution in such long term has absolutely no appeal for me, therefore, I have no bussiness spending my energy on it.

So that is my political apathy explained, in terms of selfishness.

There are sometimes, though, when something just strikes me, and gets on my nerves. Is it because it affects me more directly? Maybe. Whatever the reason, it was important enough to make me blog about it. So here we go.


I won’t make this too long (lier), because I won’t either be able to write it, and nobody will feel like reading it anyway. Most people know Colombia is in trouble, right? It is advised against non esential travelling OR all travelling in many countries.

We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Colombia because of the high threat of terrorism and criminal activity. Terrorist, insurgent and paramilitary groups are active throughout Colombia and there is a high risk of kidnapping, including of foreigners. Traveling Page from Australia on Colombia

Traveling Page from Canada on Colombia.

The other day I was talking to someone on MSN and I jokingly said they could visit me in here. Their immediate reaction was

“columbia? dude, i don’t wanna die”

I won’t deny that a conflict has been going on for a long time; so serious it has made people die, has kept people in captivity for years, has resulted in wounded and recruited children who are still wondering what the hell is this world they were brought in. Most of these things, probably never experienced by the usual public who reads the news and watches movies, makes them feel uneasy everytime they conceive the idea of people living with it every second. Logic tells them it’s not a place they’d like to visit; being in their shoes, I probably would think the same.

After all, movies and news are not going to report the quiet times, the day to day life of a person in a city or even a small town in the country. The wow factor comes with “Collateral Damage”, “Mr and Mrs Smith”, “XXX”, and even “Bedazzled”. See Films Depicting Colombia. DRUGS, WAR, JUNGLE, GUNS.







Not blaming only the international media, it seems like the obsession of local film makers is to exploit the same subject in their own movies. DRUGS, WAR, JUNGLE, GUNS, all over again, as told by Colombians.

Though there’s a huge difference. Hollywood movies are remarkable for their inacuracy, complete lack of research, and basically, a superficial interest to associate their terrorist characters to a real place so they feel they’ve linked their mediocre movie to reality and now they’re awesome and rich movie producers. Colombian movies about the same subject, meanwhile, are pretty acurate, as I can see what they present happening in real life, and it does. Their mistake is to portray only that side to the world. Instead of increasing the awareness over the conflict that is going on, it just makes hollywood say “Yeah, see? Jungle, war and drugs! Same thing we did!“. And now they all think they’re even more awesome movie producers. Right now they’re probably drinking expensive alcohol and congratulating each other for the 1000th time.

to be continued


5 thoughts on “From A Colombian…

  1. i wasn’t really aware of the situation in columbia… sorry, i mean ‘colombia’, although i have experienced something similar living in northern ireland. any time i’m on holiday to the mainland uk or to the south of ireland i always get ‘do a lot of bombs go off where you live?’ etc… our situation is apparently getting ‘better’ though as both sides’ parliamilitaries have seemed to turn their attention to imigrants stealing our jobs and threatening them instead of eachother. never good for tourism though lol.

  2. OMG! i dont no what you think you r…but if u wana talk about colombia y dnt u look at ur own country cant u c ppl dying!?!?!? U CANT TLK BOUT COLOMBIA BECAUSE !!…
    1. u have`nt been in colombia
    2.colombia is like evry other country xcept better
    3. just because in colombia dre iz cocaine plantations it duz not mean dat in colombia al dre iz , iz a gun n az soon az u gt dre u dnt die u live in paradise
    4. i live in LONDON n i prefer Colombia..I8 WOZ BRN IN LONDON
    !!!N I LUV COLOMBIA!!!
    so im soz bt y dnt u jst shut up…im soz bt d truth hurts..WL 2 U..

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