Not getting a weekend off anymore…

Instad I’m getting a full week off!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… EIGHT DAYS!

Last year I had the hardest rotations ever, and we were 8 interns for the whole service.

Now we’re 11 interns, in an easier rotation!

That means we can arrange stuff to get ourselves holidays!

8 days off

But, what’s so great about me?

1. Some work-weeks have 5 days, some have 6 days. My “BREAK” week, has 6 days!

2. My “weekend off” which is separate, happens to be followed immediately by my “BREAK” week. Only for me because of lucky randomness.

So I get them all to be one next to the other!

SHORT NOTICE THOUGH. I need to plan…

Meanwhile, see the latest thing that is making me laugh:


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