it is a day with no name.

Even though I know tomorrow it’s saturday, ever since I’m an intern it doesn’t matter. Every day is the same, same activities, same work, same waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

Before internship, I used to think weekends were too short, and on friday I was already complaining about how close Monday was.

I have a weekend off NEXT week. I think I’ve never been happier!

How important a weekend has become, it’s unbelievable. 2 days of delicious resting, waking up late to a homemade breakfast -or the idea of it because nobody here cooks, and just own your time the whole day. Priceless.

The good side of having no weekends: There are no Mondays either.

EDIT:  OMG! I realized I just made the tittle of my last post a false statement!


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. lol. i feel sorry for you, but more admire you for motivating yourself enough to get up and do it. i haven’t had a lie in or woke up naturally for over a month now… i think i actually miss, for about 5 seconds after i open my eyes anyway, being more of a loner and not having to get up for something/someone every day!

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