The source of all my power. Oh, my God, what have I done?


Do you remember one episode of Friends, when Chandler got rid of his third nipple?

I stopped my wallowings because I haven’t been depressed in at least 6 weeks.  Truly.  This blog is like a mood journal.  I had a panic attack two weeks ago, but it was reactive and self limited, like all emotions should be.  I’ve been sad, I’ve been happy, I’ve been bored.  Like a normal person would.

Contentness just doesn’t produce many entries.

So, blogging is slow these days.

But it is a good thing.  Would give up 100 of these blogs to stay under control.

And just like chandlers jokes, my entries are not that good to be missed if they’re gone!

I’m not going away though, blogging it’s still a habit, and I’m bad at stoping bad habits.  I’ll still feel the ocasional, or frequent urge of coming here and typing my mind out, however boring or confusing it might be.

And however corny, because normal, content people tend to be like that.


2 thoughts on “The source of all my power. Oh, my God, what have I done?

  1. Not ONLY. Actually, if the depression is bad I’ll probably won’t use the computer at all and I can’t really form complete sentences in my mind.

    But sometimes when it’s still there but not incredibly overwhelming, it helps me to vent. Seeing the anxiety in words helps as a release, and it usually helps with any obsessive or persistent idea you can’t get off your mind. – You place it there, no need to think about it anymore. –

    Life looks fine and mellow now. I just have to get used to see it that way. Reporting good thoughts sometimes makes me overanalyze them and realize that they’re not that good as I thought at first!

    I guess I get scared of spoiling the non depressive window by analyzing it too much.

    Agg, I’m doing it now.

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