Closed factory.

^ THAT is making me laugh since half an hour ago.

Just thought I would share. 🙂

Last night I had the funniest ER shift ever. It was like an end-of-the-world movie. So many patients there were no beds left, and they had to be located in corners and chairs… Can’t NOT admit them, because the hospital is the biggest reference center and the biggest everything in the universe, and apparently we can’t say no.

There were people all over the place; patients, their families, outsiders, the staff. All yelling and stressed. To make it worse, there was a power failure from 9 pm to 9:45 or so. The hospital has a power generator, but it didn’t work for the first time ever. The only lights were that of the ambulances outside (red and spinning). New people came in, this time from a traffic accident. Total chaos, darkness, blood and scared people. A drug adict in the highest place in the world about to OD but not quite, also came in shouting that she was going to die in a full blown panic attack, which contributed to the end-of-the-world picture.

Am I a freak for being excited instead of worried or scared? Probably.

Speaking of emergencies, the massive amount of traffic accidents that happen in here makes me think that maybe my motorcycle phobia is not a phobia after all, but a very rational self-preservation mechanism instead. People seem to think their two wheeled artefacts carry a force field around them.

Last night, 37 yo male riding his motorcycle at full speed crashed against 93 yo male passerby. They both passed out, and were brought all covered in blood, the grandpa with a huge wound on his scalp bleeding his guts out. Everyone was like “wow, it is a surprise that the old man is still alive!”, but it was actually more surprising that the huge scalp wound was the only thing that happened to him. Nothing internal, CT normal, nothing else. Just a scalp wound that was stitched. He probably is dancing around right now. Just so you know, scalps bleed very badly, even with injuries that aren’t too serious.

The young man was in a much worst shape. Left pupil non reactive, all dozed off, his hip had a funny shape, crushed nose, bleeding all over. Pupils that are not equal make up for a sign that THINGS ARE BAAAD! So the neurosurgeon came in, and got worried to.

Some minutes later the family finally arrived and told us not to worry. They told us that the man in question had another moto accident 6 years ago that put him in a 26 day comma and made him lose function on his left eye and left his hip in a funny shape like that.

So the only new thing was the crushed nose.

Huge accident, resulting in dancing grandpa and a guy with a funny nose. Not too shabby.

The question is, what is a guy with only one eye and a funny leg doing riding a motorcycle at full speed?

Go figure.


One thought on “Closed factory.

  1. Hi – I’m a grad student doing a thesis on how companies and universities can structure their internship programs to better suit students and hopefully give them a better experience. I was wondering if you think that your internship is going to help you get a job when you graduate? Also, do you think you are learning something in your internship today that you wouldn’t normally learn if you were a regular, full-time hire? Sorry for the textbook questions! Thanks for your time!

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