Nessa Simpson

So, hello.  I don’t belong to the world of humans anymore. I’m a 2D woman. I’m still not as yellow as I’d like to be, it takes time.


This is the coolest thing I’ve found lately. You need a ID type of photo, and flash installed on your computer.

Simpsonize Yourself! And tell me what you get.

EDIT:  The Simpsons Movie page has another generator.  You don’t need a photo for this one, it’s all your choice.




4 thoughts on “Nessa Simpson

  1. Your first link has a zoom option as you adjust your avatar. If you zoom in enough, it will look like an avatar. After that, I used the Print Screen button on my keyboard, pasted it unto Paint, and saved it.

    I used the second link to create female and male avatars. However, they both look so similar that it is not worth posting a link.

    By the way, I prefer you new avatar to your old one. All it needs is a pink boa to strangle passerby.

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