Disturbing Scary Pics

One of the fun things about having higher stats in a blog is to see the list of search terms people use to get to your blog.

The winner terms are always:


Muscle man, inflatable muscle, iron man, scary muscle,big scary guy, inflatable muscle suit, guys with muscles.

YES. Everyday.  This means most of my stats are produced by strange people who look up for big muscle guys -btw I’m seriously disturbed by them still- and end up in my blog just because some silly thought I mentioned a long while ago and somehow became popular in google.   When people click on it, it’s probably not what they wanted to read.  And for me, well, it’s not the kind of people I’m interested on.  And it’s not my first choice of what I want people to read either.

But that’s the wonder of search engines like these.

For example, people also get to my blog by typing out:

really skinny people
schizophrenic handwritting

disturbing scary pics

disgusting drunken girls pics

should i be scared of a wet dream?  

I’ve been more ADDish than ever these days.  Can’t hold a train of though, and forget things, but it has been good in the hospital.  I’m much more insanely silly and outgoing and talkative and overal socializing is just the easiest thing now.  It’s been a good week.  I had shift last sunday and everyone was yawning and sleeping because of the dozing heat.  But I was awake and ready to work.  It was good because it was so crowded.  I knew I would get tired soon and my energy would dissapear soon so I hurried, but it never dissapeared.

I came home today, and slept, slept and slept.


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2 thoughts on “Disturbing Scary Pics

  1. Lol, it happens. When I was in my “high blog stats days”, I used to get search terms such as “Topless Ish” and I was like..why the hell would anyone wanna see me..yeah me..topless? I’m not even a girl, duh.

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