Meme meme me me me me

My blog has been kinda abandoned in the last few days.

I haven’t been in the mood for blogging, nothing is coming out of this mind right now. I’m sorry for not replying to my comments yet.

Anyway if you want to read something interesting, you’re welcome to hit the road. I just need to take the last post off the spotlight, and break the blogging block, with something silly.

Here in Colombia, we don’t celebrate Valentines day. We have a similar holiday on September, but it’s mostly about friendship than dating.

Anyway, it’s the mood of some of my fellow bloggers. I’ll go with a meme love-related.


You have a Liking relationship style

You feel a very close bond with your partner and have an intimate connection. You are able to share almost everything and are very interested in your partner’s thoughts and feelings. However, passion (including sexual attraction) and commitment are not very important to you. There are few solid joint plans for the future and there is not much in the way of spontaneous physical interaction. The reason you are together is that you enjoy each other’s company in an intellectual and generally dispassionate way.


(As you would guess… this relationship didn’t have much future. That’s why I’m single. lol)

And the Big 5…


You tend to be emotional and sensitive. You have frequent mood swings and can be easily irritable and pessimistic. You often tend to see the negative side of life and are a natural worrier. Much of the time you act on the basis of negative feelings (e.g., anxiety, anger, or disgust) and you can be quite obsessive and cynical. You are harder to cheer up than most people and have lower self-esteem. You seem more prone to anxiety and depression than those around you.

(Quite acurate. )


You are ambiverted, which means neither introverted nor extraverted. You are variable and adaptable like most people. Sometimes you are happier on your own than with others, whereas on other occasions you really enjoy being with friends and meeting new people. You are comfortable in social situations and are confident interacting with others but prefer to avoid being the centre of attention.

(Quite Acurate aswell. I like the word ambiverted.)


You are intellectual, curious, creative and cultured. You probably enjoy art in all its forms and have a preference for non-conventional things. You are open-minded and enjoy trying new things. You tend to be tolerant and to have liberal attitudes. You have a “hungry mind” and enjoy reading to find out about the world, which you see as a fascinating and complex place. You have a vivid imagination and day-dream easily. Sometimes you find it hard to keep your feet on the ground. You have a creative personality.

(I’m liking this test the most from all I’ve taken. I was going to make the accurate parts italic, but I didn’t have much to left out.)


You are relatively agreeable, warm and tender-hearted. You prefer to have friendly relationships with people but if something is not right you will let them know. When necessary, you will engage in arguments and tell people what you think but you feel it is better to avoid conflicts if possible. Although you like honesty, you are willing to hide your views if they are too negative and may hurt others.

(I tend not to contradict other people too much. It’s not hypocresy -at least not on purpose -. Whenever someone’s perspective differs from mine, I just start analyzing it and getting confused, and rarely confront them, even when I decide to stick with the way I think. )


You are a risk-taker and an improviser. You do not like planning ahead, tend to leave things for the last minute and find it hard to accomplish what you promised unless you truly enjoy doing it. You tend to be disorganised and have a low sense of responsibility. You may have a reputation for being a little unreliable. You are not ambitious in the traditional sense of the word and not a career-driven person. Even if you set yourself high goals, you do not have a lot of self-discipline and so find it hard to work hard to accomplish them.

(Pretty scary. I’ve always considered myself a career-driven person, and a very ambitious one too. But my personality is way too improvised, irresponsible, lazy and disorganized. It seems like a mismatch. ;P)

Well it was fun after all.

On other news, I’m back on my internship. I was lucky enough to start with a very easy rotation. I work hard from 5 to 10 in the morning, but then I usually can take a nap, relax and finish the last bits on the afternoon. Besides it’s only one shift every 11 days.


See ya all.


3 thoughts on “Meme meme me me me me

  1. your relationship style sound like a good thing to have when you’re old… you know, when you don’t feel like humping every guy you’re romantically interested in. :mrgreen: or rather, the other way around!

    good luck with your internship, don’t let it get you down! and hopefully you’ll still be able to update the blog. maybe with funny internship stories? 🙂

  2. Yeah I blame it on the antidepresants. Of course most of the times my sex drive is just alright… I just don’t act on it.

    My middle name is daydreamer. And LOOOOOOOTS of theory and near to no practice.

    I stick more with the lack of commitment part.

  3. I took the relationship test. Here are my results:

    You have a Consumate relationship style

    You have a “total relationship” with your partner that comprises all aspects of love. Your relationship is very passionate and romantic, you have a great deal of intimacy and are able to share every feeling and idea with your partner, and, what’s more, you are genuinely committed to this relationship in the long run. This is the kind of relationship that most people would only dream of having. You must be very happy… Congratulations!

    I would this is uncannily accurate. I have incredibly high standards and am All or Nothing type of person.

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