13 days to go.

I passed by the HUN Hospital yesterday, not on purpose. I was trying to go somewhere else and it was on my way.  I would have avoided it otherwise, I swear I would have, but I barely realised I was nearby until I was already there.  This Hospital has become a memento of lost years, dead time, confusion, depression and a shitload of other bad feelings.  I looked up at this huge, sad, green building, and all my energy was drained in a second. I felt paralized by the thought of having to go back in there again.

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3 thoughts on “Unelaborated

  1. i hope you are ok after being there. i know what it is like, for i have had to visit friends in the Pward, and i just do not like it …

  2. Yeah, I happen to work there. I think I made it sound like I stayed in as a patient, and I guess that must be way more traumatizing.

    I’m okay. It’s all pre-going-back-into-work stress.

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