New Year,New Life, New Room.

It’s nightime. 8 o’clock. I should be watching Gossip Girl, but it’s one of those repeat episodes again, and I can’t bother. I know, I love the idiot box. I’m a couch potato.

My nose is specially fucked up today – I have hayfever + spent the afternoon swimming which makes the allergies even worse + cointidentially hit my nose with a pool stick, instead of hitting the ball (imagine the clumsyness). Besides all this, it’s been a good day, a good week, a good month, and a good year SO FAR.

Maybe it was an attempt to apply the “New Year, New Life” thing, I don’t know. But, last night, out of the blue, I decided to move everything I have to another room in the back of the house. I disasembled and reassembled the bed, carried heavy furniture, reinstalled electricity in the right places, and was done before 10 pm (took me about 3 hours). It was like I had been possessed by something. My family was staring in bewilderment but they didn’t say much… and didn’t help much either. πŸ˜›

Anyway, my new room is great. It’s the same 21-year-old bed, the same EVERYTHING; but it has a window from where I can see the patio, and it actually gets COLD at night, and gets LIGHT on daytime. My old room, although like twice as big, felt a lot more suffocating. It was located in the middle of the house with only a small window. The air didn’t circulate, it was hot all day and night (after my last fan broke, I haven’t been able to get a new one.) It was so hot that it had become a habit to take a shower at nights and to sleep naked. 0.O (It started with me going to bed in PJs and waking up topless, without any recolection of taking anything off. Later it extended to nakedness, and eventually one day I caught myself taking off the clothes kind of automatically. Lately I just couldn’t bother to get in the PJs at all.)

The light didn’t know my old room either, no problem, I have artificial light, of course. But the whole thing still felt like a cave. Besides changing rooms, I got rid of a lot of crap I didn’t even knew I had, and took off everything from the walls that I didn’t even remember.

So, here it is. It looks normal, but I love being in there now. It’s cozy, cool, and I think I can keep it a bit more organized. I still need to paint it, and fill my walls with new stuff aswell.




Improvised Feng Shui. HAHA yeah right.

Now, seriously; changes rock, even if they are so subtle they only mean something to you.


6 thoughts on “New Year,New Life, New Room.

  1. your room looks kinda bare. either that, or you’re very neat. but then again, my room’s so small so it looks cluttered. wait, it is, for a room that size. πŸ˜› hmm, i want to do a bedroom post too…

  2. Bedroom reorganising is the best therapy.

    I have a theory, see. It’s about how your brain and your room are almost the same place. You tidy/reorganise your room, and your brain will feel clearer and different.

    My whole life (sounds dramatic, and it is, it wasn’t really that big a shift, subtle but important) kinda turned around a bit when I rearranged my current room. Before there was no space and no organisation, and I have so much crap in a room half the size of the rooms I’ve had the last two years.

    Anyway, the bed was badly arranged so it ate the whole room, then the computer and chair arrangement took up another quarter and there was just no room left for anything else.

    So, I moved it all. One day of enthusiastic and sweaty moving, and I gave myself space, organisation, and still at least one heap of unsorted crap in the corner.

    Complete change. Now I like relaxing in my room, so I feel more rested. I can lie in bed and look out the window at the sun (when it’s there) or my tree (which is there).

    Since then it’s been the slow process of occupying the walls with things beautiful and strange. My tree monster is cool, and then I’ve got various ‘drapes’ circling the top of the room (actually a scarf, a blanket, a t-shirt, a cuddly monkey, a bed sheet and an horrendous floral kimono). Edges soft, bed expanding along one wall. Lots of cushions, and theoretical places for all my clothes, apart from the floor, which is still full of clothes, but the pile is smaller. I may move them in a minute.

    Wait a second, I’ve been rambling for hours.

    What I meant to say was ‘big up yourself, room changing is good for your mental health.’


  3. Post your room Sulz!

    Yeah, you’re right Alab, this change has done a lot of good.

    It’s just a start, I’m not neat at all. I just don’t have much stuff after I got rid of all the trash and the dirty clothes on the floor!

    I’m going to paint it, and start adding stuff with the time.

    I had to leave the closet in the old room though, at least for now. It’s attached to the wall in a way I haven’t figured out. It’s cool because it’s like I had a whole room just for clothes. Too bad I don’t have many clothes either… hmmm.

    And the computer is in the middle of hte house, not my room, so it’s another thing that won’t be inside.

  4. *giggles* Pink blankets and a pink boa. You’re such a girl! lol Good for you for cleaning and moving rooms! I bet after you finish you threw yourself on the bed, limbs stretched out and sighed in relief.

    Holy cow, you got rid of dirty clothes. That’s more than I can say for myself. *cringes*

    I have a theory, see. It’s about how your brain and your room are almost the same place. You tidy/reorganise your room, and your brain will feel clearer and different.

    Yes, I agree with this theory, and my family even has a phrase for this: “Your room is a reflection of your emotional state.” So true. Nessa, your new room is bigger than my current room. I feel like I live in a box. The bunk bed takes up 85% of the space. It’s no wonder I feel like I’m suffocating in this house and this city!

    I can’t believe you sleep naked! O_o That’s so liberating. I would if it weren’t so cold…and if I didn’t have people barging in at all hours….and if I didn’t have to go to the bathroom every other hour…and if my sister didn’t sleepover all the time (I don’t know about you but I don’t go naked around family). *snickers*

    By the way, nice picture of you hanging off a tree limb like a monkey. *grins*

    Much love,


    p.s. check your gmail, dammit! lol

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