Wow.  Almost 20 days since my last post.  December has been was a month with no inspiration…  I’m still not used to think it’s JANUARY.  Wow.
I have a new, HOT computer, after a couple of years dealing with my old, crappy computer, that finally colapsed some days  ago, which kinda explains my abscence.  But I guess that’s just an excuse.   After days of no posting it got increasingly HARDER to start again.  There was a moment I thought I wasn’t going to blog again.  O.o Scary… I mean, the world would have ended.

But then New Years arrived and it makes the hell of an excuse to make a post.  I like blogging and I don’t want to stop.   Right now I don’t know what to say.  My ideas are chaotic, coming and going and spinning and they have no shape so I’m  not sure how to catch them on writing form.  I guess I’m just going to try.  You’re welcome to stop reading right now.   😉  Or not.

Happy New Year everyone!

December: fun, graduations and social rituals.

I don’t know about the year, but I guess December was a great month against all predictions; me getting out of my stressing internship has definitely helped, but I’m aware this is just a break, and there’s a lot I have left to figure out that I have been avoiding.

My big low moment I had on early December also seems to have ended.  I don’t feel depressed right this moment.  And although I know it’s not gone, and I’m still on meds, therapy, and taking a break so there’s no stress involved,  it’s really good to feel normal again.  My heavy, sticky, petrol cover has been removed… at least for now.

Some of my friends graduated from med school on Dec 14th.  They’re qualified to work as general doctors now.  It’s awesome.  I’m so happy for them.  And seeing that also made me feel like it’s not so bad after all… this job I mean.

The days after the graduation were awesome aswell; celebrating, hanging around… and one of them was the most awesome night out ever…

To be honest, from the lots of times I’ve gone out during my university time, I have had fun, gotten drunk, made party friends and in general enjoyed it.   But I’ve never felt like it’s the greatest thing for me to go out to drink alcohol and all that.  I could easily live without it… it’s like a social ritual I participate of because it’s part of my culture.   It’s not really MY thing.

But that night… it was AWESOME.   If all nights out were like that, I would definitely make them MY thing.  Nothing special happened… it was just a mix of things and feelings.

In other news… 

“THE GUY” graduated aswell.  He’s got a job at a small town near Tatacoa’s desert.   It’s less than an hour drive, and I went to visit him soon after he started.  Pretty cool things have happened, he’s a great guy, and have had fun with him… but there’s nothing there anymore and hasn’t been for over three weeks I think.  We used to be so connected at first, and shared so much crazyness… but now he’s going one way and I’m going the other and we don’t “click” like we used to.

I know I’ve said it’s over before.  But after going on and off the weird relationship, I have decided not to go back on, and this time I’m keeping him away.  And the worst thing is that it doesn’t really hurt me.  I do miss him, but in a very abstract way.  I mean, having a boyfriend is cool; you have a person to go out whenever you want to, someone to take to parties, to talk to, to make out with, and a lot of other benefits… but that’s all.  It’s like a job.  Just an X person filling the boyfriend’s position.

Oh well, enough of my chocoadventures.

Here are some photos.

Celebrating after the graduation.  Me on the left, my friend Nathalia on the right.

Weekend out of the city at the country area for barbecue and alcohol.  We spent the night there… my camera was broken so I’m counting on the people who were there to send me some of the pictures I took!


Food has been brought to everyone except for me!  Does it take that long to make Chicken with mushroom sauce.  Are they chasing the chicken or growing the mushroom? C’mon I’m hungry!  And jealous of the next persons food…


My friend Edgar also graduated! I’m so proud of him!

One day I’ll be in a graduation picture because of MY graduation… hopefully next… this year.  Wow…


May this year be the greatest for everyone.

See ya tomorrow. 😉

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