The elves didn’t clean my room when I was gone.

I spent the day outside, not by will, but I guess it was a good idea after all.   I needed to get out of my house, away from my bed, away from the tv, away from everything that has been contaminated by depression.

I spent the day with my family, outside the city.  Got badly sunburned, saw everyone swimming and dancing and happy; found a new baby bird to babysit; met a giant snake, survived.   I can’t say that didn’t distract me, it did, it was good.

Came back at night.  As you would expect, things aren’t magically better, nothing was fixed, and I’m still sick.

This entry might be pointless, but I need it.  I need it to be here to register at least one milimetric improvement.  Anything.


2 thoughts on “The elves didn’t clean my room when I was gone.

  1. It was a poisonous snake, yeah. A rattlesnake. I have seen a few snakes in my life, but they all have had the width of a finger, much longer, but yea. This one was considerably bigger, and it had all the poisonous characteristics, including the rattle thing in the end of the tail of course. I got very close, because I thought the sound I heard was a doggy in a cage, but instead it was the snake. Luckily it first reaction was to run away from me and not to attack me.

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